Lies We Sold ep cover

Lies We Sold
Debut EP: Words


Hailing from the heart of France,  Lies We Sold are a 5-piece metalcore band. The band was only formed in 2018. Since then, the quintet are steadily stepping it up in the scene. After they released three singles last year, their official release of this EP (more like a mini-album) “Words” is a great opportunity for the band to introduce themselves.  Phil has been listening to this EP over the weekend, and now you can read his review below.


Having never heard of Lies We Sold, I was absolutely blown away by listening to their EP “Words”. I feel that they’re very heavily influenced by Any Given Day and you can never go wrong because that band are an incredible set of musicians.

I always wonder if any bands put a filler track on every album they do, but I was thoroughly surprised by Lies We Sold, because every single song on this record has earned its place, different but also in keeping with the heavy melodic sounds that they try to portray in this release. This release is the perfect modern metalcore record that I have been missing for ages, and I am so glad that they’ve been brought to my attention and better yet I get to review it!

Their vocalist Anthony shows his talent as a lead vocalist and puts together the perfect unison of heavy and melodic, but done exceptionally well.

Easily my favourite track on this release has to be “Broken” as it stands out in the mix for the whole record. Heavy vocals are complimented with cleans that actually get me humming their melody for hours after listening to said track. I can just listen to this one, I have to put it on repeat quite a considerable amount because I just simply can’t get enough.

If you’re after a band that mould the perfect sound of modern metalcore and some hints of the old sound, then Lies We Sold mini-album “Words” is the perfect anthem just for you!
Score – 9/10

 – Phil Walker