One more song for 2014

Yesterday, I selected my top 3 songs of 2014. What did you think? There is one more song, which I honestly wanted to have in my top 3. The song is called “Blue Lights” by The Oceans Above. I think it’s rather special, I really feel the song. Their music video for the song is also interesting. It’s almost like watching a thriller TV drama. The Oceans Above – “Blue Lights” [LYRICS] I am your son don’t you leave me alone in this world father oh father Where have you been can’t believe whats happened you deserve to live its been … Continue reading One more song for 2014

2014 Top Songs

I enjoyed many songs by many artists this year. It is difficult to select my top 10. So I decided to select my top 3 songs, which made me very excited in 2014. My top 3 songs of 2014 are; 3. Recruits – Right Words 2. FORT HOPE – Plans 1. WAYWARD – If I had Words (Moving On) Hope you enjoyed the songs. Thank you for visiting my blog, and join me again in 2015. Wish you all a very happy New Year! Continue reading 2014 Top Songs