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5th March 2021

Track: Hold On
Artist: Ghosts Of Men

Alt-rock heavy weight Ghosts Of Men based in the north of Essex have teamed up with Samantics and released their new single “Hold On”.
The band tells you “Tell yourself you’re strong enough to take it ‘Cause finding self-belief is just survival in the making. So keep holding on, don’t let yourself drop. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, HOLD ON….”
Amazingly, this big sound is created by only two musicians from Ghosts Of Men. Once you have listened to their music, you will remember them forever. This is the extent to how much their music is unique and infectious, with the word ‘fresh’ being another word suited to describing their music.

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29 November 2017

Track: Just To Get By
Artist: Maven

“Just To Get By” is the second single from Maven‘s upcoming EP Closed Doors, Open Minds.  It is their most catchy and funky track. Surely they will gain a wider audience. What I gather is that Maven are a London/Kent based rock band and were formed around 2012. I personally became a big fan of the band when they released “The Forgotten Ones” in mid 2014. The following release was “Assurance” in early 2015. By this time, they clearly showed their talent and their sound was perfectly formed. The band had to face several lineup changes, though Maven have survived. Recently they had a successful UK tour along with the very exciting single release showcase at Camden Assembly in London which involved a lot of dancing on the floor. Their forthcoming EP is highly anticipated to be one of their very best.

Maven are:
Daniel Nash – Lead Vocals
Sam Tindal – Bass/Vocals
Joseph Marshall – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Stillwell – Drums

🎥 by Ben Walters at Forgotten Media

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27 November 2017

Track: New Day
Artist: Sonic Kharma

Sonic Kharma - HiRes poster

Hailing from Umeå in the north of Sweden, a five-piece hard rock band Sonic Kharma released their debut album Too Much is Not Enough in September this year, and this track “New Day” is out from the album.

Their positive sound is driven through the full length album which demonstrates some different music styles. You can sense that their influences come from bands such as Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Nomads, Foo Fighters, Millencollin and Sator. “New Day” is the most alternative rock track from the quintet, and it has slight indie-rock vibes. It’s highly enjoyable.

“I was inspired to write the lyrics for New Day instantly when I first heard the instrumental naked version. The song melody was played over and over in my head from the first chord and I had to translate what I heard to what I felt the song melody could mean. And often when you do that it translate into something that you feel at that point in time. I was stuck in a rut, not necessarily all about love (which is easy to translate everything into), and I heard that this song definitely had to do with empowerment! To break free from any negativity that is going on right now. There´s a New Day dawning and it can be whatever you want it to be. So I hope you find the negativity vanish in your life when you hear this song and that you like it and want to listen to more of our music! Follow your passion, people!”  – Henrik “Henk Moody” Braennlund (Lead Singer)

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26 November 2017

Track: By Design
Artist: Lightscape


Alternative rock quintet LIGHTSCAPE will release their eagerly anticipated new EP ‘Circles’ on the 1st December 2017. “By Design” is their first track off from their forthcoming EP.

Both their live show and studio recordings are undoubtedly incredible. Their forthcoming release is a testament of their intricate song writing abilities and addictive sound. This Norwich based band aspire to be an arena sized band one day who not only play music, but put on a show hitting on their audiences emotions and senses.

LIGHTSCAPE are thriving, full of energy and passion, and their new EP offers the perfect next chapter in the band’s career. They are definitely the one to watch in 2018!

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25 November2017

Track: Walls Down
Artist: Scarletinas

Hailing from London, Alt Rock quartet Scarletinas have released their second single ‘Walls Down’ supported by the lyric video, and followed by their European tour.

The band debuted in the live scene at Black Heart, Camden in April 2016 when they unleashed a sonic onslaught of soaring hooks, fist to the face guitars and unstoppable energy.  Since then they haven’t stopped to continue their climb.

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