Insolace – “I Won’t Cry” (single)

New Single: I Won’t Cry
Release: 01.07.22

Insolace are a modern alternative rock band from London. I first came cross the band almost 3 years ago when they released “Calm” which I believe was their debut single. Since then, the band has steadily been growing musically.

“I Won’t Cry” is the quartet’s 6th single. After 10 seconds of the enchanting ambiance section at the beginning of the intro, the short part of the punchy sound comes in as a bang that’s like waking you up. Then the song moves into the final part of the intro with the guitar providing a captivating riff. Insolate show off their signature funky composition style and a summery feel, these elements put you in a really good mood. Now, the vocal joins in. Even though the lyrics express a difficult situation with a little negative inner thoughts, the song still goes on to be uplifting.

The vocalist, Millie Cook tells us; To me “I Won’t Cry” is about feeling like you would do absolutely anything for that certain someone, sometimes to your own demise. It’s about being a person who puts so much effort and time into someone else for it not to be reciprocated. I think we have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives, offering your whole heart to someone who doesn’t really want to take it, or maybe just can’t. Sometimes people just fall hard, and when it doesn’t work out, we realise that we never needed to long
and cry. All of our power comes from ourselves, not somebody else. “I Won’t Cry” is a reminder to myself to not give my energy to those who don’t give it back to me. It’s about knowing your own self-worth.

I am sure that many listeners relate to the subject. The vocal is brilliant, it’s thoughtful, strong and fresh. I don’t like to use the phrases; female fronted or a female vocalist, though I feel I have to say that probably Millie Cook is one of the most talented female vocalists in the UK currently. And for this reason, she can lay out perfect sound along with the groovy bass and drums through out. Here is my only criticism. This song would have been even better if they had added another 20 seconds.

At the beginning, I introduced the band as modern alternative rock, and they are exactly what these words describe. It means that basically Insolace is genre-less, and they are so invigorating. What they need is opportunities as much as possible to showcase their qualities, then the band will be guaranteed that their music attracts an even wider audience which they absolutely deserve.

(Teri Morris)

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