New Town release “Main Street” (single)

RELEASE: 14.04.23

New Town are an emerging alternative indie pop guitar band based in Glasgow. They released a couple of singles in 2022 followed by a 4-track EP “Lost In The City” on 2nd January. Each song they have released is a breath of fresh air. Now the band is ready for more.

Today, New Town released their new single “Main Street”. The song begins gently in a sentimental mood, then gradually transforms to give you a sense of power. All the way through the song, the vocal is distinctive and is emotionally well expressed. One of the most noticeable things is that the drumming adds some brilliant accents. The guitar and the bass sound is modest throughout whilst the keyboard seems to visually lift the tune, although surprisingly some appealing riffs can be heard when you turn the volume up. There is also a lot going on with the strings too. All these elements they provide make a fresh and uniquely captivating song. Finally, “Main Street” is foot tapping and makes you sing along on any day, rainy day or sunny day. New Town are definitely the band one to watch this year.

Additionally, they are playing a show this weekend. If you are in or near Glasgow, go and hear their songs live and dance!
Saturday 15.04.23The Garage, Glasgow (Headline – Shambolics)

( Teri Morris )

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