Mercury Machine – Introducing

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Mercury Machine
Debut Album: Mercury Machine
Release Date: 15th February 2019


Hailing from Manchester, Mercury Machine are an 80s inspired Dark Electro band. From their home in an old Cotton Mill in East Manchester, they have been plotting their world domination, finely tuning their sound and planning ahead. After releasing several singles in 2018, they were finally ready to release their self-titled debut album. The release was supported by a sold out album launch show at Manchester’s iconic venue Night People in February 2019, which brought attentions to reviewers. The buzz led them to perform at Juwenalia Music Festival in Warsaw, Poland. This festival is described as the largest music festival in Central and Eastern Europe, last year attracting up to 30,000 people per day. The quintet are now playing gigs throughout Europe to promote their music.

mercury machine may19The centre of the Machine is Lee Maguire with the mathematical mastermind. The influence of his autism is reflected in the subject and sound of the music, with continuing themes of isolation and stifled communication flowing throughout their
work. The other parts of the Machine are: Tim Burge (Lead Guitar), Gav Foley (Drums), Carl Street (Bass) and Kade ‘the Kid’ Daniels (Keyboards). Their live set is electronically centred and an almost orchestral in the size of the sound. Together they are on a mission to bring this wall of sound to audiences in all its glory.  Their debut album is atmospheric and epic. Listen to it now!






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