Mask Of Judas to release “Mesmerist” video


Mask Of Judas
New Single/Video: Mesmerist
Release: 10th July 2019


UK tech metal act Mask Of Judas are ready to release the new video for “Mesmerist” from their album “The Mesmerist“. The video was filmed in a church. The light coming through the stained glass windows under the extremely high ceiling is epic. This splendid atmosphere is quite powerful and is well matched with the tune. You can get a taste their live performance which is a bonus, particularly for those who haven’t been to their shows.   

Their technical proficiency shines through and comes straight out of the gate. Some next level unison band playing on display from the get-go. The verse is fast paced, and the vocalist is showing that she means business with some punishing screams! The guitar on this single is very impressive. I feel the chorus would have made more impact if the vocalist continued with the clean vocals. I love the use of the first riff but changing the feel with the snare placement! The solo really shows these guys are extremely talented players. The warm tone of her cleans top this sound off very well. For the genre this is an incredibly well written song. The second solo shows that melody really is king. Very tasteful licks and melodies combined with fast paced shredding. Very enjoyable to listen to. This band combine melody and heavy so well. The one thing I think this song is lacking is more clean singing as it was a nice break up from the riffs and screams. Overall this song fits everything this band are trying to do!  Mesmerist (9/10)

–  Jack Wood (End Of Daze)




Upcoming Live Dates:
21.06 – Mask of Judas plus support at The Gryphon, Bristol
07.07 – UK Tech-Fest 2019, Newark Showground
12.07 – Mask of Judas // Of Corpse + support at After Dark Club, Reading
13.07 – Mask of Judas plus support at Bad Apples, Leeds
14.07 – Mask Of Judas plus support at The Black Heart, London
02.08 – RADAR Fest 2019: UK Progressive Metal at Casino Nightclub, Guildford







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