SKYFEVER release Rear View Mirror


New Single/Video: Signs
New EP: Rear View Mirror

Release Date: 23rd March 2018


Both the EP “Rear View Mirror” and the single “Signs” are going to be released on 23rd March, which will be on or after the date you are reading this. Also ahead of the release, Tyson Harding, the guitarist of Skyfever kindly talked to us about the band, their new EP and more. So make sure to scroll-down this page and read the interview.

As I’m writing here at this moment, I do not have the EP “Rear View Mirror” yet. The single “Signs”, which I have been listening to (a lot) from the EP, is the second track from the EP. It begins with some short drumming which leads to the catchy guitars and bouncy rhythm. This intro is happy but has a sentimental sound that should appeal to lots of listeners who enjoys indie pop/rock music. Then the mood changes when the vocal joins in and takes a lead. Luke Lang (the lead singer) has a wonderfully authentic, powerful voice, which is never strained and adds a slight flavour of blues to the song. The track obtains a real depth and keeps you entertained throughout the 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Skyfever demonstrate a textbook example of anthemic rock music. This is a good introduction to their music.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Skyfever consist of Luke Lang on vocals, Brian Clarke on guitar/sounds, Tyson Harding on guitar, Cau Marini on bass and Karl Hand on drums. Dublin should be proud.


Even with a short notice,  Tyson Harding from the band kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed by me. Here it is;

Thanks to talk to us today. Who are we having here?

Hi, I’m Tyson , guitarist and songwriter from the band .

Thank you, Tyson. Could you tell us how you all met up and became a band?skyfever live 2

I was always a bit of a lone wolf and wrote songs though never had the opportunity to play them. I would experiment for hours on end, finding the quiet and loud in songs, the light and dark in lyrics. I was shy, but I had all these songs – and they were pretty good! I realised that I didn’t have anyone to sing them or help me bring them to life; it was frustrating. Still, I kept writing and playing them. Then one day I was watching a sports documentary on TV and Conor McGregor was reading The Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Cranfield; everything changed in that moment for me. That book helped me unlock a mindset I didn’t even know existed until then: to protect and fuel the inner fire. For me, this was making music. I came out of my shell, determined to put together a band that were just as dogged as I was, and after a long search and a few false starts, the band was born. It felt so right being a driving force and not a passenger. We each have the same mindset and most importantly realise that the song is the number one priority , the ego of the song overcomes each individual ego.

Thanks for sharing. How did you decide on Skyfever as your band name?

I was watching a documentary on the RedBull sky jump from near space. It just popped into my head ‘he must have sky fever’ . Instantly I knew that would be the name!

Haha, great name for the band! You are just about to release the single “Signs” and the EP Rear View Mirror” at the same time.  How would you describe this song “Signs”?

“Signs” has a number of influences and inspirations colliding inside it. From Bowie to the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a song that goes for the throat from the very start . It captures a touch of summer and bit of the recklessness of youth.  This song was a conscious flow of words so it came to together very quick and there was a total lack of fear in its writing.

Okay. I haven’t seen the EP tracklisting. But I believe Signs is taken from your new EP. Could you tell us why this track was chosen?

It grabs you from the start , is instant and has an excitement in it. It’s a good advertisement for the other songs on the EP. Also you are going to love the video, we go deep on this one. Look closely!

Sure, will do! You mentioned Bowie and Smashing Pumpkins earlier. Who are your influences? Does everyone in the band listen to similar music?

We all have different influences, but there are few points where we all intersect like Bowie, U2 , The Beatles, Oasis and Audioslave. These bands imprinted me though I am open to anything that will inspire a new song. Like for example at the moment I am listening to The Weeknd and Noel Gallaghers new album, two different genres, different vibes and totally different worlds too. ‘Open the mind’ is the order of the day. Songs are born from other songs…

That’s fantastic! How do you normally go about writing your songs?

Usually it is a melody in my head, like ‘music voices’ as I like to think of them as. God knows where they come from. Lately I think songs call to me and I simply have to open the door. I think there is a magic that happens when it comes to music. Once I have something good I literally hunt the song down and am relentless in my pursuit. Some songs you have to tame, others the less you interfere- the better. When I get it a point then that’s when I go to Luke to sharpen vocal ideas and then it goes to Brian (guitar) to realise the vision of how it will sound. Then it goes into cauldron of our rehearsal room where Karl (drums) and Cau (bass) find the heartbeat and the dynamic, we will record it there and then listen to it back over a few days and improve on it. It’s a beautiful workflow that we have and it is a case of the best idea wins.

I see. About the lyrics, how important is it to you?

I come from a family where books from Dante, Milton and Oscar Wilde were scattered around. Lyrics are just as important as music. Words are gateways to other worlds. I think we all have a story to tell, an inner world that longs to escape to the outer world. Our EP artwork refers to this very concept…

skyfever liveNice. Well, you must be very excited about the release! Do you have a special show planned for the release?

We have a big show planned on June 14th in a famous venue in Dublin called ‘Whelans’. We will playing the EP and also featuring brand new songs which are going to melt the faces off those in attendance. (with a big smile) 

What should we gig goers expect from your live shows?

Great songs and great energy and most importantly a great time. Our songs fill a stadium, so just imagine how they sound in a venue. 

For sure. That sounds exciting, I would love to come to your show one day. What is coming from Skyfever next?

Rock is coming back, so many can many people can feel it. We are on that wave and it is going to hit hard. Armed with the songs from this EP ‘Rear View Mirror’ and the other music in our arsenal it is such an exciting time. We have some special announcements coming up, so watch our social media.

Yes, we will do! Is there anything else you would like to say?

Check out our video for Signs!

Thank you for your time! Good luck!


skyfever ep

Now you can download and stream the EP "Rear View Mirror" via iTunes
Click here!


“An accomplished rock band with hints of blues, big riffs and big vocals.”

– Fred Perry Subculture

“Talented minions doing pretty good job at this music thing.”

– Alice Cooper


To find out more about SKYFEVER, visit their sites using the links below;
Official Website:





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