The Exploding Boy release “11:59” (new single)


The Exploding Boy

New Single: 11:59
Release Date: 15th March 2019


The Exploding Boy are an alternative rock band based in Stockholm, Sweden and released their stunning latest album ‘Alarms!’ last year through Drakkar Entertainment. At the time, I heard someone say, The Exploding Boy has been Sweden’s best kept secret for years.” 

Three outstanding singles ‘Run Red’, ‘The Day’ and ‘Alarms In Silence’ have been released from ‘Alarms!’, and these tracks have been garnering huge amounts of radio play worldwide.

’11:59′ is the 4th single from the highly acclaimed latest album. Also it contains the unreleased rock version of ‘Sign O’ The Times’, and the single edit of ‘The Day’. The band explains that the song ’11:59′ is about the world and what we do in it, as are many of the songs from the album. Also this song was a highlight on their track-list during their European tour “Tour of Alarms” in the late 2018, which was to support the album’s release.

’11:59′ is melancholic and emotional, and it gives you a somewhat unsettling feeling. Their sound is created from their ideas which seems to be combined with dark indie rock, dark wave, dark dance, post-punk and alternative rock. They definitely know how to craft unique and beautiful melodies. In their own words, ’11:59′ is a journey, a story which can be of many different kinds that can take you to a future, whatever you are fighting for. In a search for a better world, or just as a great dark indie tune, enjoy the 9 minutes in any way you want.


 the exploding boy live photo
The Exploding Boy are -
Johan Sjöblom: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Stefan Axell: Vocals, Electric Guitar
Les Andersson: Guitar
Nicklas Isgren: Keyboards
Mattias Svensson: Bass
Richard Ankers: Drums


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