Black Bear Kiss -“Fighting Our Corner” (debut EP)


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Black Bear Kiss
New EP: Fighting Our Corner
Release Date: 1st March 2019



West Midland rock band Black Bear Kiss released their anticipated debut EP “Fighting Our Corner” on 1st of March following the release of their three singles. These singles are part of the EP along with two previously unreleased songs.

They open the EP “Fighting Our Corner” with “Cutting Corners”, which is one of the new songs. The bass leads the tune all the way through, with the guitar adding some appealing and tasteful riffs. The sound is quite light compared to what I have heard from the band before, and “Cutting Corners” takes you comfortably and encouragingly into the second track, “Hooks”. This is the band’s debut single, and is their most popular song. “Hooks” was supported by the music video which was a kind of short horror story with some comical touches. I feel this is their most edgy and unique song, and I would say it is a masterpiece of heavy, riffy indie rock. It’s very infectious.

The third song is their most recent and the third single “Follow Me”, features an acclaimed Birmingham rapper and motivational speaker, the very likable Leo Golden Child. The upbeat, bass-driven style of Black Bear Kiss naturally lends itself to this collaboration, and the result is a lively and jaunty song. This track is totally different to their previous two singles, but the band’s challenge has absolutely paid off.

The fourth track is the EP title song “Fighting Our Corner”, which is another one of their unreleased songs. This is the most neat and tight track I have ever heard from the quintet. The sound is clean and funky.

The fifth and the final track is ” Secret Side”. It was released as their second single. This upbeat tune features a bass-driven sound throughout with a flavour of funk with the distinctive and authentic vocals. You might like to check the unique music video for this song.

Throughout the twenty minutes, this EP has you hooked to each song and actually keeps you wanting more. “Fighting Our Corner” is a great example of the way Black Bear Kiss introduce themselves as a musically talented band. As soon as the EP begins, you will find yourself not being able to stay still.

The EP “Fighting Our Corner” is available from all major online outlet, also fans can purchase the CD from the band’s live shows.


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Black Bear Kiss are:
Chris Leech - Vocals
Rob Jones - Guitar
Rich Sach - Bass
Chris Bagnall - Drums
Colin Haden - Lead Guitar





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Useful Links:
Facebook: @blackbearkissband
Instagram: @blackbearkiss
Twitter: @blackbearkiss
Soundcloud: Black Bear Kiss
Spotify: Black Bear Kiss
YouTube:  Black Bear Kiss
Leo Golden Child: Leonardo Music Facebook page




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