Best Of Enemies – Stay Young, Trust Me


Best Of Enemies are probably one of the most enthusiastic bands in England at the moment. They are a  4 piece band from London.

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to see Best Of Enemies live at Surya in London.
The stage seemed to be too small for their energetic live performance.
The sound wise, they played the tracks almost the same as their recorded versions; which is impressive for a relatively new band.
If you want to enjoy a night with feeling related to what goes on stage, you will have a good time with Best Of Enemies.

Although they have been together only for a short amount of time, Best of Enemies have achieved a lot. From playing a packed out local shows, to supporting Scottish experimental sextet Flood of Red, releasing a debut single all within the first 6 months. Now with debut EP ‘Stay Young, Trust Me’ the band are hoping to win over new music fans all over the UK and beyond.

Best Of Enemies‘s debut single “Brother” was released in July 2014. This song seems to be very personal. But if you have a brother,  you may relate to the lyrics.

Following the debut single, they released the first EP “Stay Young, Trust Me” with fresh sound. The songs have less anger compare to the single “Brother”. But it’s still edgy, and catchy at the same time.
1. You’re a Good Mate, Really
2. Ignorance is Bliss
3. Hopes and Dreams
4. Wasting Away

Best of Enemies are;
Sam Christmas
Ben Sapsford
Christian Kally – Gallimore
Simon Roberts
BoE 1


If you want to know more about Best Of Enemies, you can click the links below;
Twitter – @bestofenemiesuk
Facebook –
Instagram –
Bandcamp –
SoudCloud –




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