USA Pop Punk – Falling Awake


We are back to USA pop punk today. I share the music from young Falling Awake. They are based in Hot Springs, AR in USA.

Falling Awake released their self-titled 5 song debut EP in May 2014. And their long waited new single “17” was released just over a month ago. “17” gives a catchy and sentimental American sound. The most noticeable thing about the song is that distinctive voice from the lead vocalist Tyler naturally blends into the instruments sound.


EP “Falling Awake”


Falling Awake was formed in early 2013. In their first 5 months as the band in the scene, they played countless shows, 4 of which completely sold out, sold-out merch booths, and released their debut self titled EP. They also had been featured on number of music blogs, and had achieved FM/online radio air plays all across the US.

The band quickly gained their popularity, and now they have many endorsements such as; a major clothing line Whole Hearted Clothing, SIT Strings,, InTune Guitar Picks, TRX Cymbals, SilverFox Drum Sticks, iPhone speaker/case manufacturer XL4D, and more.

They are currently booking a nation-wide summer tour, expected to start in late May and continue until early August. So, stay tuned!

In recent months, Falling Awake have been working on the full-length album, entitled “Constants & Variables”, which is due for release this March. I feel Falling Awake have a lot more to give. I am looking forward to listening to their forthcoming album.

Falling Awake are;
Tyler Brown – vocals/guitar
Michael Hotho – guitar
Bryan Dreier – Drums

2015 FA 2


If you want to know more about Falling Awake, you can click the links below;

Twitter – @FallingAwake01
Facebook –
BandCamp –
YouTube –




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