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Heart Support

12th October 2017     

As you might probably know already, 10th of October was the World Mental Health Day


unnamed (18)An award-winning non-profitable organisation Heart Support (2016 Non-Profit Of The Year, 2016 Artist Philanthropic Award at the Alternative Press Awards) was founded by Jake Luhrs of the Grammy nominated metal act August Burns Red, and it is aiming to provide every music fan who is struggling through addiction, depression, and suicide ideation to find hope by uniting the best bands in the industry and fans alike to carry a message of hope, healing, and restoration, which results in an amazing community developed by like-minded people that are working towards creating a positive impact to the world.Due to this occasion, Heart Support was exclusively featured on’s homepage, as Jake Luhrs have provided in-depth discussion about the significance of mental health and the need for it in today’s age, as well as giving away free signed copies of August Burns Red’s latest record “Phantom Anthem”.
Take a look at Heart Support website: Click Here


Also we would like you to read some important words below:
“I know that most of the people that are part of the music industry cycle share very close and deep connection with the topic of mental health, I know that all of us are involved in music in order to either overcome our own problems through creating or perceiving art or with the aim to have positive impact and help people who are experiencing negative emotions through our talents, in one way or another. In the end of the day – that’s one of the main reasons why we do what we do – so we can create and be part of something bigger than us and leave a significant mark with our actions. We believe that bringing the attention of the general audience to such important topic as mental health is a great gesture to the community that has provided us with so much through our lives and really endorses positive changes. I believe Heart Support is truly the organization that can create such a positive impact, as the team behind this fantastic establishment is genuinely capable of involving every person in need in a movement that is much bigger than all of us and truly inspires and influences a meaningful and important change in the lives of the people seeking help.”  – Hristo Penchev, the owner and founder of UAC Management.

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