RIVIA release “Voicemail” (single)

RELEASE: 07.04.23

RIVIA are a four piece alt-rock band based in Liverpool. Even though they have been a band since 2019, it was still early days for the young band in the summer of 2022, the quartet showed us what they could do and what they were about with releasing the debut EP “Scratching the Surface” .

The first single since the EP is about to be released, and it’s called “Voicemail”. This song is different from any of the songs they have recorded, and it almost gives you a feel that RIVIA are now in a new chapter. “Voicemail” is quite straightforward but anthemic heavy indie rock and pop rock with a flavour of late 90’s-2000’s sound. If you have listened to their music before, you know that the lead vocalist Matt has a powerful voice. There is no doubt about it in this song too. The enchanting guitars and the delightfully timed rhythm section are led by the authentic vocals. This is a great start of the 2023 for RIVIA.

What the producer, Joe from Matchbox Studios, has to say about the band: “Working with RIVIA is such a good experience, a really positive vibe throughout the whole process. All the guys are super tight musicians, which makes my job a lot easier. My favourite songs to mix are the ones that are a heavy hitting wall of sound and Voicemail is exactly that!”

So, what do the band say about “Voicemail”?

Matt, the lead singer and songwriter, explains what the song means to him: “Voicemail to me is a song about reading between the lines, learning to be self-aware and trying to be optimistic when it seems like everything around you is not going to plan”.

Peter, the bassist says: “Every time we have been in the studio, we always come away with one song that is very anthemic. Hello Stranger, our debut release, is still one of our best received singles because of its big sound and catchy chorus. When we released our debut EP last year, we released In The Air first because we felt it best represented our new sound for coming back in 2022. Voicemail is the track that encapsulates our sound going forward in 2023, that is why we chose this one first at the start of the year, and it is a taste of what you can expect to come”.

Warren, the guitarist tells: “Originally, the idea was to have a guitar solo, but we tried using a sample of a phone conversation from the movie Scream instead, and it just worked well with the 90’s and early 2000’s sound we were going for. From there our good friend Freya from The
A.V. Club put her voice over it to make our own version that worked nicely with the track, and I think it really wraps up the whole concept of the song.”

Also Chris, the drummer talks about something important apart from the music for an independent band, “We have had issues for so long with supply chains that we haven’t been able to sell merchandise. With it being one of the main ways for our fans to support us we are really pleased and excited that we now have that again, to such a higher standard and variety. It’s our way of giving you something extra special and it goes a long way to support our RIVIA family. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling as a musician than seeing half a venue full of people wearing nice clobber with your logo on it, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it”.

RIVIA started the 2023 with successful times in the live music scene. How the band express their music live is the ideal way for the listeners to understand and enjoy their music. Next opportunity to check them out live is on 8th April, they will be supporting Polker in Retro Bar, Manchester.

The band promise that “Voicemail” is the first of many new releases this year. Remember, RIVIA are one to watch.

(Teri Morris)

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