Make Them Suffer – Europe/UK Tour Review




Make Them Suffer
Underworld, London
Headliner: The Word Alive
Support: Make Them Suffer, Of Virtue and Aviana


An Australian metal band based in Perth, Make Them Suffer have recently completed their a month long Europe/UK leg of their tour.

I heard about Make Them Suffer from their song ‘Widower.’ This song does give you a good idea of the quality you will be getting from the band. They show atmospheric metal with fast paced riffs and huge vocal lines. I was looking forward to seeing these guys as everything I had heard to this point was amazing and following the band members social media posts that they knew how to put on a good show. There was not a moment I wasn’t impressed with these guys. They as a band were on a level with August Burns Red when considering how tight they were. Their hours of practice were so evident that I was beyond impressed. A lot of people had turned up to watch Make Them Suffer as the room started to fill out as these guys hit the stage. At this point, the mosh pit was alive as breakdown by breakdown they never got boring. Sean Harmanis is one of those vocalists who everyone wants to get into screaming should know as his technique was flawless. His tone was so raw and so powerful. He never let up, even after a month of touring Europe. Nick McLernon has to be the tightest guitarist I’ve ever bared witness too. It helps them as they are a one guitarist band, but the relationship between the drums, bass and guitar was flawless. The atmospheric piano and soulful vocals of Booka were what glued the sound together. This band really thrive on a crushing breakdown combined with a reverb filled piano arpeggio and it went down incredibly well live. Although the guitarist faced some technical issues, unless you were a musician, you wouldn’t have noticed. He played it off incredibly well. The time everyone in that room was waiting from as the slow piano melody for ‘Widower’ started and then ‘Will You Remember’ was the loudest thing from everyone all night. Make Them Suffer showed why they have come as far as they have with this show. What an incredible display. Make Them Suffer (7.5/10)

– Jack Wood (End Of Daze)


make them suffer jun19

Make Them Suffer are - 

Sean Harmanis: lead vocals (2008–present)
Nick McLernon: guitars, backing vocals (2008–present)
Jaya Jeffery: bass guitar (2016–present)
Booka Nile: keyboards, piano, clean vocals (2017–present)
Jordan Mather: drums (2017–present)




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