Luna Blue – “How Does It Feel” (new single)

Luna Blue
Single: How Does It Feel
Release: 16.04.2021

The 4-peice alt-indie band based in Brighton, Luna Blue, just released their new single How Does It Feel today. Music Matters followed one of their journeys during their 2019 project. During the time, we learned that they were not only a young talented group, but BBC Introducing South valued Luna Blue‘s creativity respectably high. You can find the information about this in their archive. The band spent an incredibly active time during the 2020 lockdown having released 3 excellent 3 singles, showcasing live performances as well as putting on a fundraising charity event. Later in the year, they started recording new music, and it is time to focus on this new chapter.

How Does It Feel is a song that is an invitation to the summer. It begins with a gentle vocal the crisp feel of some guitars. The song then becomes gradually and positively more powerful which makes you tap your feet and move your body. Throughout, you can hear plenty of fabulous harmonies, tasty riffs along with funky vibes from the rhythm section. Luna Blue have gathered everything they are good at and have crafted this fresh unique sound. How Does It Feel is an absolutely fabulous song to start this year with.

Personally I can not wait to be at their show again to hear and sing along to their new song. They have already been booked for this summer’s festivals and even a tour. Make sure to check their updates and experience their live music when they play near you.

The vocalist Tom tells us about the lyrics, “Often words mean nothing, as they’re spoken in relation to how things feel ‘in the moment’. Words can be spoken passionately, angrily, joyfully to try and get a grip on the unknown future which lies ahead – and often that fails. Breathe, take in the moment, accept where your heart is at … and just feel.”

“How Does It Feel” Lyrics
I will wade the water,
breathing in the thought of a clear life with you forever
I’m stranded in your royal atmosphere
So take my hand and come with me,
watch the good times shine in your eyes.
Drive with me and take the wheel,
Steer the good times into my mind.
How does it feel?
Let me know how
Let me know how.
Forever, It feels like a mile away from here.
I’ll search deep water for some treasure
To bribe the future to be clear
So shut the door and come with me,
Happiness is only a mile from here.
If seasons change I know this wont fade,
drive the good times into mind.
How does it feel?
Let me know how
Let me know how.
Tell me how it feels when words mean nothing
and heart bleed is on repeat, you’re a victim to your loves supreme
How does it feel? X4
How does it feel?
Let me know how
Let me know how

(Teri Morris)

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