Luna Blue – release “Waves” (new single)



luna blue waves artwork

Luna Blue
New Single: Waves
Release Date: 18th March 2019



Brighton based indie band Luna Blue released their last single “Tropical” with a bang just over two months ago. They begun their musical journey together almost four years ago when they were studying together in Chichester. They kept creating their original music and the time gave them some valuable experiences. I suppose this was what led them to continue as a close unit when the band relocated to Brighton after they graduated.

Luna Blue bent their listeners ears with their impressive previous single “Tropical” and at the time, I wondered what could they possibly do to beat such amazing tune. Well,  here is their answer to it with “Waves”, which is released today. This song is the band’s second single from this year’s project which is a series of singles they have recorded recently. By their standards, this song is slightly laid back although the tune is still catchy and bouncy enough for you to feel like dancing. The layer of gentle falsettos along with the backing chorus is an exquisite joy to listen to. Around the minute mark, the song moves into a powerful section which provides some good contrast. “Waves” is an oasis of serenity. This song will keep the momentum going until you hear the next single for sure.

“Waves” – produced by Matt “Studio Chimp” Parisi, who has worked on previous Luna Blue projects, and who is now working with Robert Plant’s record label MAS Records.

The vocalist Tom High says that the lyrics depict “seeing someone’s life spiralling out of control, struggling to keep their head above water.”

Waves Lyrics:
You, you know the sound
The feeling gets lost as you lay your head down
The message is strong it’s a game of chess
You’re making waves as it’s not too late

You, you latch with the bad
Do you look like a handle to the negative land?
Your letter is strong but a written mess
So part with the waves and tempt in fate

I wanna hand to you colours and sounds that you knew
Don’t mess around with the truth as colours and sounds wait for you

Hey now, hey now does he
catch the long train with your hair down
Hair down scruffy
You’ve got the feel the love
Hey now, hey now does he
catch the long train going somewhere,
Somewhere sunny
You’ve got to feel the love

You can dance through it,
Until your feet get tired and the medicine wears thin.
High hopes don’t come with a receipt,
So part with the waves and tempt in fate

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Upcoming Shows:
29.03.19 Brighton – “Waves” Launch Party The Hope & Ruin with Cassava / The Glitter Shop / Porcelain Pink
18.04.19 London The Finsbury Pub with Luna Rosa / Badminton (free entry)

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Useful Links:
Luna Blue Official Website



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