Mosley Bar – Strange Place (new single)


Mosley Strange Place cover


Mosley Bar
New Single: Strange Place
Release Date: 11th March 2019



A UK alternative/indie rock band based nearby Liverpool, Mosley Bar, have just released a long awaited single “Strange Place”. It has been almost two years since they launched their second EP “Royalties”.

“Strange Place” starts with gently strummed guitars which is their signature sound. After the bass and the drums join in – which gradually adds depth to the sound – the bass then leads the melody. By this time you are already glued to the tune. The vocal is distinctive and gives the song a positive feel. The harmony is clean and tighter than ever. Hopefully this foot-tapping song will be an anthem this summer.

The leading single of their EP, “Two Apart” was recently featured by one of the world’s leading music publishers Sony/ATV Music Publishing, New York. I thought that it would be hard to better their debut single “Record Sleeve” which was released in October 2015. But they are definitely going in the right direction and are steadily growing more mature. Sometimes you forget that Mosley Bar are a still young band.



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