Mosley Bar – Royalties


EP: Royalties
Artist: Mosley Bar
Release Date: 15th May 2017

Marcus Halsey

So, what is new from the Liverpool based indie four piece Mosley Bar? Their brand new EP Royalties! that was released on 15th May 2017. I had high hopes for this EP when I reviewed the band’s last Single and EP opener ‘Two Apart’ at the beginning of the year, and you can read that review right here.

Mosley Bar “Two Apart” – Review & Interview 

Back in January, I was very excited to hear what the band would do next. I had pulled up a seat and was waiting for the Mosley Bar to open once more for clientele and from the sound of the latest three tracks its business as usual.

mosley bar EP 2
[Royalties: Track listing]
1. Two Apart
2. Wide Awake
3. Philip
4. Chasing

‘Wide Awake’
is the second track on the EP, and jumps straight in with distinctive jangly guitar and the unmistakable vocals of Ryan Ward. It has an infectious groove but never really builds on it. I found this track some what lacking both lyrically and emotionally with a more pop feel than the edgy indie rock of their previous songs. That said, although it may lack that instant hook, it is one of those tracks that grow on you after time with the repeated guitar riff sticking with you. One to listen to on a sunny day, windows down, driving nowhere in particular enjoying the scenery.

The third track on the EP is ‘Philip’, and it starts very much like the previous track but is a slow burner. I liked the theme of the lyrics though which are about waking up with a hangover with vague memories about what happened the night before. For me, the song really comes alive at the 2:30 mark with the final, more energetic, chorus before shifting to a rousing guitar solo and change of tempo that resolves back into a galloping refrain before it’s all over. However, just like the music, the closing sentiment of the song is very different to the start and is about wanting to change your ways and seeing what you could be.

‘Chasing’ is the fourth and final track on the EP, and I feel it has more musical depth to it than the other offerings, and this is my second favourite track on the EP after ‘Two Apart’. The balance between the clean drumming, rhythm guitar and vocals just seems to compliment the general feel of the track. The lyrics are intriguing and from phrases like “the way you speak is all the same it’s in accordance with your signals” and “we only spoke once but that’s enough”, it is about a one sided romance. Once again, some great guitar work by Adam that really lifts the songs towards the end.

So business is still good for Mosley Bar, and they are producing some solid compositions. Personally I would like to see them push themselves out of their comfort zone and bring more dynamics into the music. But if they stand their ground, and stick to the style that they obviously love, I can respect that. Whichever way they take their music, it is bound to carry on impressing.

Mosley Bar are:
Ryan Ward            Vocals and Guitar
Adam Eccleston    Lead Guitar
Tim Williams         Bass
Matthew Wright    Drums

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mosley bar live3 (2)

To find out more about Mosley Bar, visit their sites using the links below; 
Official Website:
Twitter:  @mosley_bar




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