Caged Arts – Screaming Roar Inside


Single: Screaming Roar Inside
Artist: Caged Arts
Release Date: 22nd May 2017


Today, I am happy to share the music from Caged Arts who hail from my county. They have just released their debut single Screaming Roar Inside on 22nd May 2017.

Screaming Roar Inside begins somehow folk-music-like with a rather effective guitar line, and as vocals join and the tune goes on, it moves towards a grunge vibe slightly. Singer and Lyricist Gary Walker describes the track as his message to a world that he struggles to understand. But through music, he is able to channel his emotions and find a voice to express his views. My favourite moment listening to this song is when I take a walk with the volume high.

Caged Arts, in conjunction with TIME: Therapy In Musical Expression, proudly present their debut single ‘Screaming Roar Inside’. The band is made up of members with varying disabilities and they are the first group to be formed via the music service TIME.



Comprising different ages, abilities and backgrounds, Caged Arts have defied limitations and demonstrated overwhelming creative ability.

caged arts live

Caged Arts
Gary Walker – Vocals
Tom Hughes – Guitar/Vocals
Gavin Jones – Drums


Recently the band were invited to BBC Essex studio to talk about their project and the debut single release. You can listen to it from 2hours 20minutes mark;


Now, I would like to introduce TIME: Therapy In Musical Expression to you.
TIME is an Essex based music service, with a concept that allows participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, the opportunity to express and experiment, for their own benefit, within a musical environment. Having worked in the education (SEN and Mainstream), care, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, mental health and respite sectors, TIME has become an ever growing and expanding business concept – with no limitations and is available for all.
They offer therapeutic/sensory/relaxation based sessions, songwriting workshops, instrument tuition and broader workshops, covering all forms of rhythm building, communication through music, motor skill/co-ordination and speech development and other various approaches to creative and musical expression.
No matter what age, background or ability, TIME acknowledge that everyone has the opportunity to produce their own, unique stamp on the musical world. No boundaries are set. No musical experience demanded.
More information abut TIME:

caged arts cover


To find out more about Caged Arts, visit their sites using the links below; 







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