Mosley Bar – Two Apart



Artist: Mosley Bar
Single Title: Two Apart
Release Date: 30th January 2017


Marcus Halsey


Almost a year on from their debut EP “Another Record Sleeve”, reviewed by Music Matters last year. Mosley Bar are back with what promises to be the first of four new songs to be released this spring. Recorded at ‘The Motor Museum Recording Studio’ in Liverpool, their first offering is the indie-pop-rock infused ‘Two Apart’ due for release on 30th January 2017.

Opening with a thin, lightly phased guitar it’s unclear at first where the track is headed, although Ryan’s vocals leave you with no doubt what part of the country the band hail. Then the drums and subtly distorted bass drop and the whole feel of the track shifts to a new level. When the second guitar joins the fray you just know that this is something special.

I think the song is about taking a chance even if you end up getting shot down and have to say it made me smile with the line ‘realising what you want to say, whilst all the time ignoring me’. I was impressed by the overall production and syncopated lyrical style of the the song as well as the frantic drums and punchy guitars that gradually build to a crescendo that will leave you wanting more.

Unsurprisingly the track has already had several plays on radio, including the BBC Introducing show on BBC Lancashire and I am excited to see what the lads are going to dish up to us next.

So grab a beer and a table while you can, because I think everyone will be wanting a seat at Mosley Bar this year.

mosley-bar-live-3Mosley Bar are -
 Ryan Ward     :Vocals and Guitar
 Adam Eccleston:Lead Guitar
 Tim Williams  :Bass
 Matthew Wright:Drums

This week, we had a chance to interview the band. Here it is;

Hello, Mosley Bar! First of all, can you introduce yourselves? Your names and your roles in the band?

Hi, My name’s Adam and I play lead guitar in Mosley Bar.

I’m Matthew and I play the drums.

I’m Ryan and I am a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

Tim, Bass

Thank you. Could you tell us how you all met up and became a band?

Ryan: Me and Matthew stuck together after an old band split up. 

Matthew: Ryan and I were in a previous band which ended and we wanted to start a new band. We put an ad online for a bassist and Tim replied and he came to practice and it clicked. Tim said his cousin Adam played guitar and we said for him to bring him down and the rest is history.

Tim: I met Ryan and Matthew in September 2014 as they were looking for a bass player for their old band. Things did not work out under that name so we started new, and a few months later in August 2015 my cousin Adam joined too.

Adam: Yeah originally it was Ryan, Tim, Matty and one other who dropped out. Tim asked me to join, having played in a band with him before and because we are related, and it’s all started from there! 

Ryan: Basically Matthew and I got Tim and Adam on board to form Mosley Bar!

Awesome! Well, how did you decide on Mosley Bar as your band name?

Adam: You’ll have to ask Matty or Ryan about that one, something involving a Muesli Bar! 

Ryan: Yes, it was through the mispronunciation of Muesli Bar!

Tim: Ryan mispronounced Muesli Bar, you know as in the cereal bar, in a studio one day, thought it was hilarious and the new band got named that due to lack of imagination when trying to decide on a new band name.

Matthew: That’s right. Me and Ryan were in the studio one day and he missed pronounced Muesli Bar as Mosley Bar. After much deliberation with ideas spanning across various forms of animals and weather, we decided that we liked Mosley Bar the best haha

Haha good old Muesli Bar!
Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music and bands?

Adam: Our influences include Catfish and The Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema club but we all have other individual influences, like mine are Foo Fighters and Muse also.

Matthew: Definitely! As Adam just said as a band we collectively like The Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and Bottlemen, Circa Waves and Two Door Cinema Club. Personally I get my influences from: Blink-182, The libertines and Bloc Party.

Tim: For me, my dad is a big influence on me in getting me into music from when I was very young, he had me listening to all the heavier music he was into when he was younger like Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Dokken and Pink Floyd. However. As I got older, I started listening to a lot of other genres of music that included artists like Fleetwood Mac, Prince, The Kooks and even Akala.

Ryan: My influences are vast, from Catfish to The Weeknd.

That’s great! How do you go about writing your songs?

Tim: They start with an idea, and then as everyone puts their ideas into the song it starts to change and become its own thing. No song that we have written has been finished sounding exactly the same to how it originally started.

Adam: Writing our songs is usually based around a chord sequence or lyrics, then we all chip in with ideas we think fit to see if we all agree.

Matthew: It varies to be honest. Sometimes Ryan has a melody for lyrics and we all put our ideas together and the song evolves or Tim will have a guitar line and we again put together some ideas. Sometimes though we just start playing and we just see what happens in the moment, we record parts on our phones and Ryan gets some lyrics and we piece it together. We don’t really have a set routine.

Ryan: More recently we have just been trying out new ideas in practice to try and write together.

Okay. You’ve received a fantastic response everywhere to your first single Record Sleeve. How did you feel about it?

Ryan: Cracking! We think it was a decent tune to show the world first.

Tim: It was great to know people out there liked it, quite humbling too as it got a lot of radio play.

Adam: The response from Record Sleeve was awesome, was made up with the feedback!

Matthew: I’m over the moon with the feedback! We got a lot of various radio play which was good and we received nice comments off people. It’s nice to know people like our music.

Fantastic! How do you describe your new single Two Apart?

Ryan: Classic with a hint of edge. Also, big.

Adam: Yes! Two Apart is a massive track, especially the ending. Easily our best one so far.

Matthew: I would say the verses are gentle and the chorus is quick and catchy. The ending is massive!!

Tim: Its our favourite track that we have written so far, its got a cracking chorus with a massive ending. We feel strongly that it is much better than anything we did last year as it has a more mature sound. And it is the first step to showing that we are capable of evolving as artists and as a band in the future.

I think I agree with you all. Where can we find the song for streaming and downloading?

Tim: iTunes, google play and Spotify etc.

Ryan: All over the gaff!

Matthew: The song will be available on iTunes, Spotify, google play, Soundcloud and other forms of streaming sites.

Adam: That’s right, Two Apart will be available on Spotify with the first EP in late January and is already on Soundcloud. 

Are you planning to release your second EP following Two Apart?

Ryan: We are hoping to release it soon!

Matthew: Yeah we are! We are hoping to release our second EP in the spring!

Tim: Yeah, probably will put it on the iTunes in spring.

Adam: Well, the second EP is out at the beginning of April following the release of Two Apart.

Great news! Do you have any shows coming up?

Tim: Manchester Academy on 3rd February

Ryan: We have a few gigs lined up that are coming up on the next few months. All the details are on our Facebook page & website

Good promotion, Ryan!

Adam: Upcoming shows include the 3rd February at the Manchester Academy which I’m pumped for and other gigs include places such as Liverpool and Wigan.

Matthew: Yes, Manchester Academy on 3rd Feb, one in March in Liverpool and few other North West venues throughout the next couple of months.

Exciting stuff! Is there anything you would like to say?

Matthew: Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Thanks for the support and we hope to see you soon!!!

Adam: Watch out for us in the future, and keep on the great support! Cheers!

Thank you for your time. And good luck!

Interviewed by Teri Morris


To find out more about Mosley Bar, visit their sites using the links below; 

Twitter:  @mosley_bar

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