The Jade Assembly

Artist: The Jade Assembly
EP: Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays
Release Date: 10th October 2016

Marcus Halsey

Things are looking mighty fine for the Bolton four piece “The Jade Assembly” and their followers “The Jade Army” with the release of the band’s new EP “Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays”.

Released on the 10th November, this four track EP has colossal sounding rock scores, finely crafted riffs and instantly relatable lyrics. It’s hard to pigeonhole the band’s heritage because far from falling into the stereotypical “Manchester band”  The Jade Assembly have the attitude and ambiance as if Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam got together and had a baby. However the brilliant vocal talents of ‘Foz’ leaves you in no doubt of the bands true roots.

With empowering rock anthems and emotionally charged but still gritty scores, the passion for their craft, musical talent and poetical prowess shine through in the four track EP “Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays”.


1   One Last Time
2   Same Time
3    Nothing Changes
4    Soul Diva

With such brilliantly constructed and produced tracks; It’s easy to imagine The Jade Assembly holding their own, alongside their peers, on stage at Reading and Leeds or some other festival. Personally, I have no doubt that the future is looking extremely bright for them.

If you like what you hear on this EP I thoroughly suggest listening to some of the band’s previous releases, you won’t be disappointed.

The Jade Assembly are:
John ‘Foz’ Foster                      Vocals/Guitar
Gareth Smedley                        Lead Guitar
Danny Hayes                              Bass
Andy Watson                             Drums

To find out more about The Jade Assembly, visit their sites using the links below;



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