The Dreamer Within -This Is Not Our Home

Artist: The Dreamer Within
EP: This Is Not Our Home
Release Date: 30th September 2016

Hailing from Exeter, in the south of England, The Dreamer Within released their latest EP “This Is Not Our Home” on 30th September. We recently interviewed the band, in which they talked about the band and their new EP. You can find it further down this page.

The five piece metalcore band The Dreamer Within formed in 2014, and they have already released several singles as well as a debut EP “Recovery 2.0”. The band have also toured around the UK, which has established themselves as one of the most promising metalcore bands today.

Their new EP This Is Not Our Home” combines EDM and Metalcore. The band crafted an appealing unique and divergent sound with distinctive synths and heavy riffs.
I would recommend this EP to fans of Asking Alexandria, Skrillex as well as fans of electronic music and of course metalcore.


This Is Not Our Home
1. Origins
2. Purge
3. C.M.N.K.S
4. The Castle
5. Omega

Even with very short notice, the band kindly took some time out of their busy schedule to be interviewed by me. Here it is;

Hello, The Dreamer Within! Can you introduce yourselves? Your names and your roles in the band?

We have Alex on guitar and programming, Charlie on guitar and vocals, Eliott on Drums, Matt on vocals and Josh on bass.

Could you tell us how you all met up and became a band?

Before we were The Dreamer Within, we were a largely similar, bedroom band called Lorelei consisting of Alex, Charlie, Josh and other ex-members. Eliott was drafted in to play drums, so that we could play live. The intention was to play one show, so that we could say the music we’d made had been played live. The response and energy at the show were so unbelievable we decided perhaps we were onto something, and the idea of leaving it at that seemed ridiculous. Later on, we got Matt in on vocals which helped a lot. We knew of Matt from another local band and once he was onboard, it was so easy. We had five guys with the same influence, ambition and drive.

That’s awesome! You are based in Exeter. It seems to be the place where you can find some great young bands. Could you tell us what the music scene is like there?

The bands around Exeter are generally very tight-knit. We’re all super supportive of each other. There are a lot of awesome bands coming out of Exeter at the moment, but there has been a bit of a lull in the scene since they closed the Cavern due to a fire. But we are hoping the place will be up and running again soon. There was a crowd funder to help pay for the damages that were caused by the fire, and everyone really got together and raised a tonne of money for refurbishing the venue, which was really nice to see. You will always see the other bands at the front of each other’s shows when we play at home and sometimes when we’re not!

That’s great! Well, how did you decide on The Dreamer Within as your band name?


Haha, I think so!

Okay. We came up with a load of names and when we were practicing we’d always pick them apart. There was a point where our ability to just decide on a band name seemed impossible, Charlie had to go out to his car to pick up a packet of dry roasted peanuts and said “Can someone just have a band name by the time I get back”, and then Eliott just came out with it and here we are. The name effectively refers to that sometimes dormant feeling inside of you that yearns for greater experience.

Wow! So if there wasn’t a packet of dried peanuts, you would be something else! Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music and bands?

Influences generally come from the 2009 metalcore scene, bands like Asking Alexandria, Abandon All Ships, Attack Attack! and more. Though we are also influenced by a lot of stuff outside of Metalcore, such as Steve Vai, Iron Maiden.. Taylor Swift…

Hmmm interesting…
How do you go about writing your songs?

There is no set way we do things. Sometimes it will start with a guitar riff, a concept, a vocal line or just some sweet sounding Ibiza synth. Then we tend to structure things independently and collaborate on each other’s individual ideas later on.

You released the new EP “This Is Not Our Home” recently. How would you describe this EP?

I guess you could say it is almost like an accidental concept EP… It deals with topics that are generally involving Earth, our place in the universe and control from politics. The songs do tie together and ask the question of what is our purpose as human beings and how we live our lives.

Thank you. Have you found it quite difficult for you to produce a new EP after you crafted the awesome EP previously?

To be honest we just love writing music! As long as the love of the music is there, it will never be difficult. Sometimes it’s time consuming but never tedious.

That’s great. A few months ago, I went to see your show. It was incredible! Seriously enjoyed it a lot! I found that your performance was superbly well choreographed. How would you get that choreograph?

Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it! We would be lying if we said the live performance was all natural, sometimes we just jump around at practice, sometimes we brainstorm what works with the music. We think the visual element of the band is an important aspect of the identity. So we do spend time thinking about what makes us stand out and what doesn’t, that goes for the choreography, the live lighting, the synth elements etc…

I think you are doing it right! You had an exciting and interesting year this year. What has been the highlight so far?

Yeah! It’s been the busiest and most exciting year so far. The plan is to say the same at the end of 2017! Highlights definitely include playing a show with Palisades which are one of our collective favourite bands! Going on tour with High Rise, Follow the Wolf and Last Hounds was an absolute blast, and of course releasing our EP which saw so much great feedback from fans and reviewers.

Fantastic! Any plans for another tour?

There are plans to get back out on the road for a couple of tours early next year possibly (smile)

Sounds exciting! I’m looking forward to it! Is there anything you would like to say?

Thank you to everyone who’s checked out our music so far, and if you haven’t then the EP is up on Spotify, iTunes etc and you can check out our cover of “In Due Time” by Killswitch Engage on our Facebook and Youtube page if you fancy a synthy rendition of a metalcore classic!

Thank you very much! And good luck!

(Teri Morris)


To find out more about The Dreamer Within, visit their sites using the links below;



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