Sailing Before The Wind – “Break the Silence”

Sailing Before The Wind
Single: Break The Silence (rerecorded)
Release: 28.05.2021

Without wanting to sound like an ignorant person who only listens to European and North American music, I will put my hand up now and admit that this is the first time that I’ve listened to a Japanese metal band (Nope, I’ve never listened to BabyMetal – Oops!)

And what a surprise this has been! Despite their sound being very remeniscent of many western metalcore bands, there is an expected Japanese influence particularly in the initial and main riff of the song. Is it me or could you easily place this sound in a manga video? However, when the heavy screamed words come in any images of big-eyed characters leave your mind – their heavy sound and the screaming are on point and heartfelt.

The breakdown towards the middle of the song, leading into the middle 8, is just amazing, and that riff just before the chorus again is one of the best riffs I’ve heard lately. The guitar is clean and sharp and it builds into fast paced climax that blazes into the chorus one more time.

All in all, a very enjoyable track that sounds fresh and new, with elements that will remind you of already established metal bands.

( Maria La Chica )

Tokyo based metalcore outfit Sailing Before The Wind released their second single of 2021 as the follow-up to this March’s Cross the Ocean (Rerecorded). This single is a re-recorded version of the original track which is on their EP A Ray of Light (2012).

The bassist and composer, Bitoku Sakamoto is who takes most tasks of Sailing Before The Wind, and he is the only constant member of the line-up. He is also known as a former touring bassist of Crystal Lake.
This self-released single features the vocalist Kneeya and the guitarist Takaya, both are founding members of the band, to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary. The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Bitoku.

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