NO:IR – “Phantom” (new single)

Single: Phantom
Release: 07.05.2021

Bristol based Nu-Metal five-piece NO:IR have just released their new single Phantom which is taken from their forthcoming EP Are We Really Alive?.

Do me a favour and put your headphones on. Turn the volume up and pay attention. This song is about to take you on a journey! From the clean guitar riff in the introductory first 12 seconds, to the raw vocals and heavy sounds that end the song, the band uses a mixture of styles and influences that clearly define who they are as a band.  And if you are of a certain age (like I am) and lived through the early glory days of nu-metal, you may recognise the heartfelt and strong melodic chorus giving way to a rap verse underlined by a sharp riff and round drums. NO:IR elevate nu metal to this decade, though, by bringing in a harder riff and baseline, and speeding up their sincere and honest lyrics, culminating in a crescendo of guitars and feelings.

Talking about lyrics, the words in this song will resonate with many listeners. Surely they can be interpreted in a number of ways, however the message underneath will echo in the hearts and minds across many groups of people. From the introductory “Are we really alive” that everyone will be able to identify with, to the fast paced “We complain about the modern age / but we need the views through our computers”, and finishing with the blunt “You can never break my stride”, NO:IR capture that distinct voice of a generation waiting to breakthrough and waiting to shatter the glass ceilings of the metal scene in the UK.

( Maria La Chica )

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