Patient Sixty-Seven – New EP


Today I am sharing music by Patient Sixty-Seven, a new Australian metalcore/post-hardcore band. What’s more, Patient Sixty-Seven happily accepted to be interviewed,  where we talked about their debut EP.


Last year, I had a chance to access the teaser for their new single at the time. It was only 42 seconds, but it was enough to understand the appeal of their sound.  At the time, I had no idea who they were. So I did a little search and found their first single “Gustavo Bling”.
This track was written, produced and recorded by themselves. I find this tune is distinctive and well arranged to make a complete sound. Also the contrast of unclean vocals and clean vocals works well.

Patient Sixty-Seven is the product of an idea between friends from Perth, Australia; coming together in mid 2014 to share their desire to create music with meaning.
When the band’s debut single “Gustavo Bling” was released in June 2014, the track immediately shot to No.4 on the iTunes Metal charts. Their second  single “The Ken Burns Effect” was released in October 2014 .

Recently I heard that their debut EP was at the later stage of recording. This was the one of most exciting news for me.

Patient Sixty-Seven front man Tom Kiely kindly took time out to answer my questions;

MM: Hello, Tom. First of all, can you introduce yourselves? Your names and your roles in the band?

Tom: Hi! We’ve got myself (Tom) on vocals, Dylan our lead guitarist, Declan our rhythm guitarist, Jarryd our bassist and clean vocalist, and JL on drums!

MM: Could you tell me how you all met up and became a band?

Tom: This band started as a bit of fun in Dylan’s room. It started out as myself and him just messing around, writing a few songs in our spare time. We thought it’d be cool to start something up and put some music out there through Perth. So we kept writing and eventually got a full lineup together when we decided to play shows! It has worked out nicely, everyone in the band brings something different to the table, and I definitely think that’s a huge part of things going forward. I couldn’t be happier where we ended up.

MM: It was a good job you and Dylan were messing around!
How did you decide on Patient Sixty-Seven as your band name?

Tom: Shutter Island is a favourite movie of mine, and I put the name on the table as something a little bit different! It just stuck.

MM: Okay. You won’t forget the name once you heard it!
Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music and bands?

Tom: Everyone has an interest in all types of metal. It really ranges a ton! Some of us dig a fair bit of rap/hip-hop, electronic etc. I’m big into movie-scores and soundtracks. There’s plenty of different influences, but everyone’s interest is in heavier music across the board is probably the most diverse, …funnily enough it’s all different.

MM: Alright. So far, you have released two original songs “Gustavo Bling” and “The Ken Burns Effect”. I find your sound is quite distinctive. How do you go about writing your songs?

Tom: Myself and Dylan have put our ideas together for those two tracks. It’s a kind of a back-and-forth process until we put something together we’re happy with. With a full lineup, I’m so excited by what we can all bring to the table with our writing, we finally have a chance to find our feet, and find our own sound.

MM: I hear that you are preparing for the release of your debut EP. Can you tell me a bit about it?
Will these two songs be included?

Tom: They will both be included, yes!
The debut EP is a collection of songs the band has written across the past 7-8 months. We’ve put together what we think is a good combination of heavy, melodic and catchy – with plenty in between.

MM: That sounds awesome!
How many tracks are there?

Tom: The EP will have 7 songs on it.

MM: That’s quite generous of you!
What sort of stage of the process are you at the moment?

Tom: It’s in its final stages! Hopefully not too far off at all.

MM: I suppose you can’t wait as much as we can’t wait! How would you describe the EP?

Tom: It’s a reflection of Patient Sixty-Seven and our first 6 months of being a band, we’ve covered a few different themes and hope people can relate to it on a personal level.

MM: I see. What is the expected release date?

Tom: Hopefully in a matter of months.

MM: You must be very excited!

Tom: It’s definitely exciting – there’s been so much work, energy and focus put into this EP. I’m so excited by the future of the band, but to put a release out for people to hopefully enjoy will be fulfilling.

MM: I don’t know anything about the live scene in Perth. What is the metal scene like?

Tom: It’s really strong, there’s a heap of talented acts out there putting on great shows, and releasing awesome music. It’s wonderful to see it be as lively as it is. There are local acts every one of us in the band enjoys, there is something in the scene for everyone.

MM: Sounds great!
You seem to play live shows regularly. Are you planning something special for launching the debut EP?

Tom: We are definitely hoping to organise a few things for it! As long as people get the chance to hear it.

MM: It will be nice for the both yourselves and fans.
Is there anything else you would like to say?

Tom: Thanks to anyone and everyone who has given this band a chance. There are so much we are looking forward to achieving, and to anyone who has come out to a show, or even listened online or given us positive energy, it’s all important. Anyone who takes the time to support local music gets a huge thumbs up, Perth is doing alot right. Anyone beyond that who has given us their time and enjoyed our music, thank you! And we hope you will stay tuned.

MM: I am very excited about your EP release, and can’t wait to listen to it!!

Tom: Thank you so much!


Patient Sixty-Seven has a live show on Monday 2nd March 2015. If you are in Perth or nearby, go and check them out! Doors are at 1pm  –  YMCA HQ alongside Capture The Crown, Emberville and Finders.

Patient Sixty-Seven are definitely the one to watch. I hope you stay tuned for their new sound.




If you want to know more about Patient Sixty-Seven, click the links below;

Twitter: @patient67band
Triple J Unearthed:



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