New Release – In Memory Of…


Album: “In Memory Of” by In Memory Of…

Release Date: 10 March 2015

IMO CD1. Identity Crisis
2. Back-Room Bride
3. Needless Needles
4. Dear Adolescence
5. Black & Blue
6. Weightless Words
7. Mercy ft. Denae Wilce
8. Call Waiting
9. Cinderella ’99
10. Nerdy like Velma, Hot like Daphne
11. Just Pretend
12. City Lights

Recorded By: Aaron Isbell
Mastered By: Kris Crummett


In Memory Of…  (IMO) are a 5-piece pop punk band based in Houston, Texas, USA, formed just over 3 years ago. Since their debut EP “Those Feels” was released in May 2013, they have only released a single “Call Waiting” in November 2013, which showed huge potential. So this new self-titled album is a long waited release, and they are bringing the excitement with their originality.
Though the debut EP “Those Feels” was remarkably done for a young new band, listening to the forthcoming album, I feel that they have found and focused on their direction of the sound. The whole album is totally enjoyable to listen to. If you have listened to the EP “Those Feels”, you will find that the new album is a lot heavier and powerful. It is said IMO are pop-punk (and it is hard to stand out in this genre), but their music is beyond pop-punk. You can hear plenty the combination of clean vocals and unclean vocals and the metal synth sounds. Yet they keep their foundation, which is crafted with the sentimental melodies and the appealing harmonies. The vocalist Chris Johnston says “We keyed into our heavy side more but all the while keeping our original sound intact. It’s a mix of all different genres ranging from heavy and in your face breakdowns like Back-room Bride and Nerdy like Velma and Hot Like Daphne, while staying true to our punk roots with Cinderella ‘99. We also offer softer songs such as Mercy and Call Waiting.”

Currently 2 tracks on the album are available publicly. You can listen to them with the links below;

Needless Needles is a most catchy track of all and driven by the drums all the way through.

Nerdy like Velma, Hot like Daphne is a short track which is only 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and I would say it’s categorically post-hardcore.


In the early 2012, four young musicians came together to write songs that they wanted to hear, but no one else was writing. Their goal was to tell stories of events and situations that they had experienced or witnessed and find people who would connect with this.

Since 2012, IMO have made a stir in both their local scene as well as other scenes in Texas. Playing across Texas with national acts such as Craig Owens, Dance Gavin Dance, Secrets, Alesana, Capture the Crown, Palisades, A Skylit Drive, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, Close Your Eyes, Alive Like Me, and provided direct support for Ghost Town. Through their efforts and their loyal fans, IMO were elected as one of the bands to open the Vans Warped Tour Houston stop through The Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest in 2014. IMO have had features on Substream Magazine,countless plays on 94.5 The Buzz in Houston, as well as getting spins on UK’s own Kerrang Radio.

20141128_IMO_086In 2013, with the revenue they collected from shows , IMO teamed up with producer Aaron Isbell from Nocturnal Studios (also known as a vocalist of Concepts) to record and release an EP entitled “Those Feels”, an eight song EP that showed a promising start for a young band.

Fast forward two years, their self-titled debut album is expected to be released next week. It is mastered by Kris Crummet (Sleeping with Sirens, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance, and many more). Again Aaron Isbell seems to be one of the key players for the recording. This album is sure to be a turning point for IMO.

Working through obstacles such as all five members being employed, risking jobs and homes for this chance, IMO have shown that they will not let anything stand in their way of getting their stories and ideas out to people who are willing to listen. “We have a story to tell and we just want people to listen…” says Chris.

IMO have begun to tap into their potential with an additional member to create an ever-growing sound that strives to balance ballads and breakdowns while still having chorus’ that will drive the melody home, leaving listeners wanting more.

10409591_896238930405422_6113075666519610220_nIn Memory Of…
Vocals – Chris Johnston
Guitar – Donnie Kelly
Guitar/Vocals – Mauricio Tavira
Bass/Vocals – Tanner Phillips
Drums – Joseph Pinel

The self-titled album will be available digitally as well as on physical CD.  Visit the link here to pre-order it now;
Also you can find the album on iTunes;…/id968849991

You can find out more about In Memory Of… using the links below:

Twitter: @Official_IMO
Instagram: @officialimo





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