Of Virtue – Europe/UK Tour Review



Date: 23rd May 2019
Venue: Underworld, London
Headliner: The Word Alive
Support: Make Them Suffer, Of Virtue and Aviana


Of Virtue opened the set with a newly released track ‘No Control’ from their new album ‘What Defines You’. This song was designed to open their set and really gave a taste of things to come. With big breakdowns, high energy riffs and a catchy chorus, there was no doubt Of Virtue were about to put on a great show. Having seen Of Virtue before, I knew what they were capable of, however they had really pushed it up a notch here. Tyler (Vocals) was on another level here. This guy’s range and competence is up there with some of the best. ‘Thanks for Nothing’ was next, and I personally love this song. It really captures what the band do and compresses it into 4 minutes of amazing songwriting. ‘Thanks for Nothing’ was being yelled from the crowd by the second chorus and it just went to show how quickly Of Virtue captured the attention of the audience on this night. Kyle (Drummer) really shines in the breakdown of this song. I asked him how he managed to play the tom section after the show, and even after he explained it, I was none the wiser. He really is a professional standard. ‘Suffer’ was up next. The crowd loved this track and with good reason. They played it so well. There was o much power coming through the PA at the Underworld in London. Damon’s (Guitar & Vocals) vocals were so good which I was blown away. I knew this guy could belt it, but he showed that he wasn’t a one trick pony here with those pipes. ‘Torn Apart’ and ‘Surrounded’ finished the show. ‘Surrounded’, their most popular song, is a real testament to how it is almost impossible for these guys to write a bad song. Their live show and recorded music are that of top-level band which deserves more recognition. (8.5/10)

– Jack Wood (End Of Daze)


Of Virtue strives to reach those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and share the message that it is ok to NOT be ok. To support their cause, Of Virtue has partnered with Hope For the Day (www.hftd.org) which focuses on suicide prevention and mental health awareness. A portion of proceeds from all sales and streams will be donated to Hope For the Day.
The quintet has also debuted a brand new music video for the record’s latest single, ‘Alone‘. 


Of Virtue are -of virtue poster photo
Tyler Ennis: Vocals
Damon Tate: Guitar/Vocals
Michael Valadez: Guitar
Jon Fox: Bass 
Kyle Pruehs: Drums


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Useful links
Official Website: www.ofvirtueband.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ofvirtue/
Instagram: www.twitter.com/ofvirtue
Twitter: www.instagram.com/ofvirtue
Bandcamp: www.ofvirtue1.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4GnK2zRFtw1gBoiFORWHsA?si=cU-WD84DQQ6L6exp9oAwDg
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ofvirtue
Merch: www.ofvirtuemusic.bigcartel.com


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