Of Virtue – Europe/UK Tour Interview


Hailing from Michigan, USA, powerful metalcore quintet Of Virtue returned to Europe recently on an almost 4-week long tour with The Word Alive, Make Them Suffer and Aviana. Music Matters asked Jack Wood, who and his band have toured with Of Virtue previously in Europe, to meet the band in London on the final date of their tour. Also it was the day before the release of Of Virtue‘s brand new album ‘What Defines You’, which Tyler Ennis and Damon Tate talked about to Jack. 


23.05.2019  –  Camden, London                                                                                                                                                         

Jack: What’s the difference between Heartsounds, Salvation and this new album (What Defines You)?

Damon: There’s a huge difference. Heartsounds was essentially me learning how to play guitar. I had only been playing guitar for 2 years at the time. Heartsounds was way more experimental, it was a lot of effects and a lot of weird structures. There was some stuff that didn’t make sense, and some stuff that maybe did. We couldn’t make another album like that. It’s so unique. Salvation was like ‘Maybe now we should start incorporating some structure.’ The idea with the latest stuff is we wanted a big atmosphere with a big drum sound, big guitar riffs and big vocals. Big everything.

Favorite songs off the new album, to play and to listen too?

Tyler: To play is Suffere or No Control. I think the reason I like to play Suffer is because me and Damon complement each other very well on that. We do a lot of harmonies. The call and response really work. There is no point in that song when it dies down. From the second it starts I can see people in that crowd go like “No we’re talking.”

Damon: I really like I Won’t Break. So, it’s like the only track I don’t really sing on. It’s probably the heaviest one off the album. It’s right at the beginning of the set too. You’ll get to see it today.

3 words to describe the album?

Tyler: Not in a sad way, but emotional, energetic and melodic.

Damon: I would honestly agree.

What and who influenced you guys on this album?

Tyler: While She Sleeps, Architects…

Tyler & Damon: Bring Me the Horizon.

What did you think of the new Bring Me?

Tyler: I loved it! Truthfully, I think it’s their best album. Sempiternal was a turning point for them and dude they’re done nothing but get better since. I thought ‘That’s the Spirit’ was amazing. Back to the question I would say that ‘We Came as Romans’ were a huge influence. They’re so great and the tragic event forced Dave to become a singer too and he’s so good man.

Damon: For me, it’s Linkin Park. I love the vibe. I took a while for us to find the right sound. We pre-pro’d for two years before we had anything usable. It’s like with ‘Meteora’, there are so many different sounds and things that I liked that I just wanted to replicate. Every song on that album is a single, and that’s how I wanted this album. They kept the variety and they killed it. Even their heavy stuff is still catchy. So, whilst writing this I would always refer to that album.

Are you guys still using ESP & Mesa? Are there any other companies’ you guys are using?

Damon: Yeah man!

Tyler: Sennheiser man! It’s really really cool to be working with those guys. I got sent the artist page after getting a microphone and I was like ‘wow okay cool!’. They’re really good on social media and react with our posts which is amazing, and it helps us out too. Ernie Ball are good with that kind of stuff too.

Damon: We’re using InTune pics on this tour and always have.

Well, it’s been so cool catching up again guys, and I can’t wait to see the set.

Damon: Yeah man, I hope you enjoy it!

Tyler: Thanks for having us dude. Check out ‘What Defines You’ out now on all major streaming services!

Interviewer: Jack Wood (End Of Daze)


Our live review at Underworld, London will follow in our next article.


Of Virtue are -of virtue poster photoTyler Ennis: Vocals
Damon Tate: Guitar/Vocals 
Michael Valadez: Guitar
Jon Fox: Bass 
Kyle Pruehs: Drums 

Useful links
Official Website: www.ofvirtueband.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ofvirtue/
Instagram: www.twitter.com/ofvirtue
Twitter: www.instagram.com/ofvirtue
Bandcamp: www.ofvirtue1.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4GnK2zRFtw1gBoiFORWHsA?si=cU-WD84DQQ6L6exp9oAwDg
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ofvirtue
Merch: www.ofvirtuemusic.bigcartel.com





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