The Word Alive – Europe/UK Tour Review

US metalcore quartet The Word Alive have just completed the Europe/UK Tour 2019 with their new album “Violent Noise” to celebrate the band’s 10 years. On the final day of this headlining tour and before heading off to perform at Slam Dunk Festival, Music Matters sent Jack to their London show.

Date: 23rd May 2019
Venue: Underworld, London
Support: Make Them Suffer, Of Virtue and Aviana

I had heard The Word Alive a few years ago and was very impressed with the combination of melody and heavy sections. Classic metalcore, however these guys have some blistering guitar solos. As a guitarist myself, I was very impressed, and I couldn’t wait to see them.

The opening from these guys didn’t hit as hard as it could have been. What I think was maybe since every other band was of such a high caliber. What was evident however is that I was correct to be excited to watch their guitarists Zack Hansen and Tony Pizzuti. Both guys were incredibly talented. The licks they were playing were that of seasoned guitarist. Both played so effortlessly. The singer Telle Smith was the best singer I have ever witness live. I have seen a lot of shows in a lot of different styles, and without a doubt Telle was the best singer I have ever watched tear up a stage. Although I said the opening didn’t hit as hard, over the course of the show the energy just went up and up. The only hiccup I noticed was the issues the guitarist Zack Hansen was having. It was nice to see the other members from the band that played previously help him out during the set and ensure his rig was running well. This only went on for two songs, and from then on wards the set just got better and better. Originally, I thought the issue was that their breakdowns weren’t as heavy as Make Them Suffer however as the show went on, I liked how they blended what every band did through the evening incredibly well. The crowd reactions for these guys were the best of the night, everyone there knew the words to their songs. The first song that I was really impressed with by the band was ‘Play The Victim’ off of their new album ‘Violent Noise.’ Showing the band’s direction excellently, I loved this song. If this show gave me some songs to add to my playlist, they would be ‘Lighthouse’, which was the song sang the loudest of the whole night. I would also recommend ‘Rise’. This was by far the most powerful song of the night. Lastly, I would say you should add ‘Trapped and Misery’. These two songs are my favorites from this band, and they played them so incredibly well. Although ‘The Word Alive’ put on a great show, the highlight of the whole night was when Telle crowd surfed to the bar, had a shot and then crowd surfed back to the stage to finish the show. The show finished with Telle singing their encore in the crowd which was amazing. This show was incredible and I’m so glad I attended this show. (8/10)

– Jack Wood (End Of Daze)


Click below to read the interview with the vocalist Telle ;
The Word Alive – Interview


The Word Alive
Tyler “Telle” Smith [vocals] 
Zack Hansen [guitars]
Tony Pizzuti[guitars]
Matt Horn [drums]

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Official Website




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