New EP: I Guess We’ll Wait And See…

In the midst of a busy gigging schedule, Bournemouth alt-rock trio DELTORERS are set to release their debut EP “I Guess We’ll Wait And See…” in the very near future. However at 20 minutes and 5 tracks, it spares no expense in showing off everything the band has to offer.

01 deltorers main
DELTORERS’ Facebook page makes comparisons to artists such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana and Mudhoney. Though with this EP the band are so successful in finding their own sound that it’s hard to pin-point any of their influences as they seem to blend into one cohesive and original sound. Don’t get me wrong though, DELTORERS do also succeed in providing this record with a sense of progression. Each track is very distinctive and this gives the EP this sense of progression, which is an impressive feat considering the EP’s length and the power-trio format of the band.

“Waking Up” features a driving punky rhythm section with some brilliant pinch-harmonic guitar riffs that deserve to be backed by strobe lights and pyrotechnics. Nathan Evans’ vocals drift seamlessly from clean to raw in a way that doesn’t catch the listener off guard and despite the vast difference, he is vocally accomplished in both of those styles and his vocals really add to the band’s unique sound.

“I Guess We’ll Wait And See” is the shortest song on the EP. It’s also the loudest, most experimental and most bonkers track on the record. Opening with some interesting percussion backing and almost post-rock sounding delayed guitar, Brenden Frankham’s rumbling bass line creeps in and builds up until it breaks out into a plethora of meaty riffs and screamed vocals punctuated by brilliantly quirky quiet passages complete with falsetto.

“Time To Evolve” begins with a steady mid-tempo bass and drums. The vocals on this track remind me of The Bends era Radiohead though the music behind them has a subtle psychedelic feel with the eastern-scale lead guitar giving a real stoner-rock vibe.

“Ego” showcases a slight reggae-dub influence in its introduction. Zoot Hill Valler’s drumming is particularly impressive on this track as he executes a neat manipulation of the Purdy-Shuffle which keeps building the tension behind Nathan Evans’ dissonant lead guitar until it explodes into a strangely catchy chorus. I mean, it sounds like it shouldn’t be catchy but it is! This stands out as one of the most interesting tracks on the EP and does a great of job of surprising the listener with its subtle hints of dub and dance-rock.

“Come Back” is a brilliantly crafted track which builds from a dark and slow introduction into an epic chorus backed with huge multi-tracked vocals. The chord progression slightly reminds me of “Under The Bridge” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the track conveys the same feelings of desperation in its epic soundscape. Brenden Frankham’s tight bass runs also do a great job of filling the sound of the track without treading on anybody’s toes and the production on the entire EP successfully captures the raw energy behind the bands performance and compliments the music well in the mix.

All in all this a terrific EP that serves as a great introduction to an original and exciting band. Though I’m left with the impression that this band have the ability to push their music into much broader ground with some potentially startling results. I look forward to see what the future holds for DELTORERS.

By Louis Cooper-Hughes

“She Looks Nice” – BBC Introducing The South

To find out more about DELTORERS, visit their sites using the links below; 

Twitter:   @TheDeltorers


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