The Repeat Offenders – Just Be Yourself


New EP: Just Be Yourself
Artist: The Repeat Offenders
Release Date: 6th June 2016


The Repeat Offenders are an independent four-piece from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England with a sound that has been making some very big waves. Steve Lamaq featured them in his BBC Radio 6 Music Show in April last year, and they have even seen supporting some well known artists such as Kasabian’s Tom Meighan and Andy Bell from the influential shoegaze band Ride. Throughout a busy gigging schedule, they also supported The Rifles at the Camden Electric Ballroom. According to the band, they have been described as The Stone Roses meets The Rolling Stones, with an Oasis attitude and a Richard Ashcroft vibe to even things out.

The two singles that the band released during this time, “She’s A Mystery” and “Lose Control” definitely confirmed this analogy, with their energetic sound echoing the sentiments of countless Britpop era bands. The busy effects-laden guitars created a wall of sound akin to shoegaze and psychedelic groups such as Ride and Kula Shaker, whilst Andrew Ruddick’s vocals somehow seem to mix both of the Gallagher brothers’ approach, with Noel’s sheer soul and Liam’s sheer power. There is no doubt that this combined with their prolific gigging schedule left many fans hyped for the band’s next release. Well, now they really have a reason to get excited…

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June 6th sees The Repeat Offenders release of their brand new EP “Just Be Yourself”. The three-track release is also currently being promoted with tour dates around the UK and whilst this EP works great as a studio release with the band’s strongest material to date, it begs to be heard live in person. It’s apparent on the first listen that The Repeat Offenders have honed in on their sound since their last single release. It definitely shows a progression from what we’ve heard before, but they haven’t deviated from the original goal of their music. They have focused on what they do best and have perfected their craft and turned it up to 11, the guitars are busier and more flamboyant, the rhythm section is heavier and the vocals seem burst out of the music with muscle and precision.

The opening track “Take It Down” feels like it was made to open sold-out shows, with an incredibly catchy guitar riff painting its stomping groove with an indie-rock flavour, and suddenly plummets into a beautiful middle section which echoes the dreamy soundscapes of Slowdive and Lush before pulling the listener back into its chaotically catchy hook. “Days To Leave” takes things into slightly calmer territory with a dance beat backing up crunchy guitars. One wouldn’t be blamed for thinking of Kasabian during this number, though only in approach. The Repeat Offenders seem to have a knack for showcasing their influences though with an original and updated sound which puts them in their own sonic territory. The anthemic “900 Times” serves as a strong testament to this way of working, and it really pays off. It has an incredibly huge chorus that deserves arena-sized sing-alongs and effectively rounds off the EP with a bang. All in all, it represents a brilliant return for The Repeat Offenders and will undoubtedly take them much further into success. Do yourself a favour, and listen to this EP!

Watch their latest music video for “Take It Down”


You can pre-order the EP on iTunes; EP “Just Be Yourself” The Repeat Offenders

The Repeat Offenders have their EP launch show on June 10th at Water Rats, London. You can purchase a ticket in advance via their official website; #TRO EP Launch Party Ticket
Also they have already announced more shows. Make sure to check it out on their website or facebook page!

By Louis Cooper-Hughes


Here is a sneak preview of their 3 track EP “Just Be Yourself” via SoundCloud;



To find out more about the Repeat Offenders, visit their sites using the links below; 

Official Website:





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