Luna Rosa – This One



Single: This One (High On The Groove)
Artist: Luna Rosa
Release Date: 3rd June 2016


Luna Rosa are an alternative indie rock band hailing from Corby, Northamptonshire, England. The quartet are about release their latest single “This One (High On The Groove)”.

“This One (High On The Groove)” is their new single off their self titled EP, which was released in November 2015. This EP shows the enjoyable sounds from pure Brit rock ‘n’ roll to some Motown type beat. Throughout this EP, you will find how soulful Rory McDade’s vocals are and how funky their sound can be. This 6-track music package is something listeners can connect to whether it’s the melody or it’s the lyrics. You can’t pin it down to one genre either, they bring a sound that crosses over into various genres to create something new.
This song is a guitar-driven phyche rock, which gives you an uplifting vibe and makes you feel to be listening to the music right front of them. This type of music is popular in the indie music scene, but “This One (High On The Groove)” is outstanding. It represents well the band, absolutely a joy to listen to.


Luna Rosa are;
Rory McDade – Guitar/Vox
Darren Myles – Guitar
Keiran Maguire – Bass
Cole O’Neill – Drums

You can watch the music video for their last single “Fever” via YouTube;

Luna Rosa have a sold out show in Scunthope on Saturday 28th May. Also they will be playing at Wild Tree Fair near Norwich, Norfolk on Sunday 29th May where you can enjoy the day as well as their set.  Check their facebook page for more information! Luna Rosa are the band you must see live!

Teri Morris

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To find out more about Luna Rosa, visit their sites using the links below;





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