New Release – Jukebox Monkey

First of all, I would like to apologise to the band Jukebox Monkey and the readers here for the delayed post about the release.


EP: ‘Vs. Time’ by Jukebox Monkey

Released Date: 12 January 2014

1 – The Mirror
2 – Peacetime People Ain’t Worth Fighting For
3 – Wolves
4 – Undo, Undo, Undo
5 – Dead Wait







Jukebox Monkey are a four-piece southern stoner rock band formed in 2010 from Kent, England. They have returned with a long waited EP “Vs Time”. I am wondering if it is just me who has had a wrong idea about the band name. I was hugely surprised when I first listened to the music by Jukebox Monkey. It turned out to be heavy, solid hard rock! It actually made me smile because I was so happy finding their sound.

This EP is smartly produced, there is no doubt about it. It would have been even more enjoyable if they made this EP into a full album.
Defined by their monolithic groove-stomping stoner rock, their sound steals shamelessly from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC alongside modern head-butts to Down, Clutch and Kyuss. Also the mysteriousness of the sound they give is something similar to what I felt when I heard Queens Of The Stone Age.

If I borrow their own words, “Vs. Time” is 5 fat slabs of heavy pounding sonic assault that will take you on a bass-bruising progressive journey which you’ll not want to end.
I am sure you will enjoy this EP as much as I do.

The EP “Vs. Time” is now available for purchasing on BandCamp.

Jukebox Monkey are;
Chris D- Vocals and guitar
Pete – Drums
Chris H- Guitar
Niki J – Bass

Jukebox Monkey are performing active as ever. Here is the list so far;
Date       Venue                               Location
Feb 27   Rafters                           Maidstone, Englaand
Mar 13   Lady Luck                      Canterbury, England
Apr 09   The Fiddler’s Elbow         London, England
Apr 24   Platform 5                       Ashford, England
Jun 19   The Middle Ei8ht             Gravesend, England
Jun 20   Festiv-Isle                      Birchington, England

You can find out more about Jukebox Monkey with the links below; @JukeBox_Monkey




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