New Release – Will The Wretched


Album:  “Rebirth”  by  Will The Wretched

Release Date : 22 February 2015

Will Rebirth
      1. Rebirth
      2. Chaos Theory
      3. Euphoric Forest
      4. Miracuru
      5. Hidden Secrets (ft. K@SH)
      6. Bete Noire
      7. Heureux
      8. L05T
      9. Nyctophilia
     10. Metanoia
     11. Second Spirit
     12. Fin d’une vie




Will The Wretched is a multi-talented young artist from Houston, Texas, USA. I have known him as the bassist for several bands before he told me about his solo project.

As for his solo project, the new album “Rebirth” is going to be his 6th release, and his 2nd full length album. He worked as a producer and a co-writer on an acoustic album “Sentimentality” by John Ward, released last October.

His first full album “Neoteric” was released in June 2014. Will explains that Neoteric: Ne-o-ter-ic is a modern person; who one accepts new ideas and practices. Listening to the album, I assume that he had so many ideas in his mind and he tried to transform them into this 13 track album.

Here I select one of the tracks “Evolve” from “Neoteric”, a track I particularly like.


As soon as “Neoteric” was released, Will started creating a new sound. I think he realised that he wanted to produce another full length album, so he quickly gathered 6 tracks which were previously recorded, and released them as an EP “B-SIDES” two months after “Neoteric”. He named it “B-SIDES”, because the EP is a compilation of all the tracks that didn’t make the cut onto his full length album. You can find some fabulous tunes on this EP.

During this time, Will uploaded a new track called “Second Spirit”. This track has turned out to become my favourite of all his music. When I found out this track was going to be included to his next album (“Rebirth”), I was very pleased and excited. It is the 11th track on the album. This is the only track currently I am allowed to share. You can listen to “Second Spirit” right here;


Nearly towards the completion of the album “Rebirth”, I had chances to catch up with Will The Wretched. He talked about “Rebirth” for me to understand what it’s all about. I’m afraid I am not able to share our first talk about the album as I have lost the transcript. The below is our most recent talk.

MM: Hi Will. I am going to write about your forthcoming album in our blog soon. Have you read any of my posts?

WtW: Yeah, I just read all your recent posts and they are great! I really like how you write your posts with all interview style.
Really stoked to see what you come up for me!

MM: Oh thanks! I’m so glad you are liking it!
I would like to ask you when and how you started making music.

WtW: Well, I started learning how to produce when I was 15 with making mostly hip hop/rap beats. But in 2010, I kinda transformed my sound to a more like electronic/trance style, and now I kinda just put hip hop and electronica together for my latest two albums.

MM: I see. Who are your influences? Is there anyone in particular?

WtW: My main influences are I See Stars, Keys N Krates, and Logic. All totally different sounds, but those are all my favorite musicians.

Will new 22
Live action for New Year’s party

MM: Okay.
You have had more than several releases, it’s your 6th release, isn’t it?

WtW: “Rebirth” will be my 7th release, with an acoustic album I produced for my friend John.

MM: I remember that you did the artwork for the album cover as well as producing the album!

WtW: That’s right. Again, this time I did the artwork for “Rebirth” as well.

MM:  It’s an awesome work!
How do you feel about the release getting so close?

WtW: Haha I can’t wait to hear what everyone says about them! I’m a little nervous, haha

MM: I suppose that’s normal to get nervous before releasing an album!

WtW: There’s like 6 different sub-genres in this album haha! I don’t know I’m not a total fan of this album like I was with “Neoteric”, probably just because it’s a lot lighter and way different…
Also I have changed a lot since my latest music releases, for the better of course.

MM: Oh I see.
Since the last time we talked, you made a last minute change with the album.

WtW: I rewrote the first track, which I guess is the intro to the album as well as an acoustic live piano recording of a song that I just wrote. Live meaning it was not mixed or processed through any computer software. I have never released an acoustic version of one of my songs before, so it is definitely different for sure.

MM: Interesting! I can’t wait to listen to it!
One of the tracks is called “Mirucuru”, why does it spell like that?

WtW: Hahaha! Mirucuru is a drug that the Chinese invented to change and develop into predators.

MM: Okay. How about “Nyctophilia”, what does it mean exactly?

WtW: Haha “Nyctophilia” means lover of the night, or darkness.
It’s weird I know, but this album tells an entire story.

MM: Oh yes, you did tell me the story of this album was a man’s  journey.
Do you have vocals on this album?

WtW: Yeah, sort of haha. Like each song is a different part of the story and it all runs together, I guess. For the tracks 2 and 3, I did vocals myself. For the track 5, I have a guest vocalist, and that’s about it.
I was going to have more, but the other vocalists flaked. So I’m just going to release it, lol
At least I have some vocals.
I wonder how people will react to my vocals!!

MM: You sang before, but do you really sing this time again?

WtW: One of em yeah, I did. But I scream on one of the new ones. It’s more of a yell I guess. Needed to get some anger out definitely haha
…I’m trying to widen my horizon now!

MM: You will have to see how I react!
Any dates for the album?

WtW: Yeah, the album “Rebirth” is going to be released on February 22nd.
And then, I will be filming a visual for the track 3, because it’s the most meaningful track on the album.

MM: I am looking forward to listening to the full album and seeing the video!!

WtW: Thanks for writing a blog post, Cheers!

Will new
Will The Wretched new album “Rebirth” will be available via BandCamp from 22nd February 2015.
For more about Will The Wretched, please check the links below;
Twitter – @willthewretched
BandCamp – Will the Wretched
SoundCloud – Will, the Wretched





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