Why We Love – Staying Awake

  Artist: Why We Love Single: Staying Awake Release Date: 23rd February 2016   I am happy to share the fresh sound from Why We Love today. They are  an alternative pop indie 4 piece band from Bristol in England. Why We Love … Continue reading Why We Love – Staying Awake

New Release – The Salvador Darlings

  Single: “Show World” by The Salvador Darling  Released: 11 March 2015 (16 March 2015 on iTunes) Today, I am sharing the music from the heart of London, Camden Town. The Salvador Darlings are an electronic pop / trip-hop group based in London, UK, who capture the sounds of the amazing city and incorporate it into their music. Vocalist Carine Fierobe, originally from Paris, France, adds her powerful and seductive noir-esque vocals over the slow, elastic beats created by instrumentalist and producer Bryan Borcherds.   The Salvador Darlings, with their ‘old fashioned’ sound do a lot of their recording around … Continue reading New Release – The Salvador Darlings

Winter Playlist – 2

  Today I selected three songs from my recent discoveries, which I would like to share with you. I think it is safe to say that the songs are from all different genres.   “Crocodile” by Thomas McConnell Pop Rock / Pop “Crocodile” is a new single recently released; a happy catchy song that makes me smile every time I listen to it. It has already received airplay on BBC Radio 6. Thomas McConnell is a 21 year old Singer/Songwriter based in Liverpool, England. When his piano cover of Paul McCartney’s “New” was released in September 2013, it was then … Continue reading Winter Playlist – 2

Winter Playlist – 1

  Today I selected three songs which I heard on the radio in December. All songs were uploaded on YouTube sometime last year, but I didn’t know about the songs until recently. These are the songs which I knew straight away I would love as soon as the intro started.  I am very pleased to find them.   “Lose My Mind”  by Bel Esprit  I describe this track as INDIE Rock’n’Roll. If I borrow their own words; Bel Esprit are a 4-piece indie/alternative rock band based in Southampton, England. Bel Esprit bring the youthful energy of the noughties indie scene together with … Continue reading Winter Playlist – 1

New Release – TOWNeS “MANHOLeS”

New Release – January 2015   TOWNeS – “MANHOLeS” Single Release Date : 20th January 2015   TOWNeS is an indie alt pop / electoric-pop group from the Mid-West, USA. The band name is purposely stylized with all capital letters and a lower case “e”, TOWNeS‘ imagery puts emphasis on the letter that is most often omitted when attempts are made to spell the band’s name. Very unique! This also helps to breed their social media handle, “Townes With An E” stylized as “TOWNeSWITHANe”. Combining elements of live instrumentation, electronic synths, luxurious vocals -and- mixing genres such as edm, pop … Continue reading New Release – TOWNeS “MANHOLeS”