Winter Playlist – 1


Today I selected three songs which I heard on the radio in December. All songs were uploaded on YouTube sometime last year, but I didn’t know about the songs until recently. These are the songs which I knew straight away I would love as soon as the intro started.  I am very pleased to find them.


“Lose My Mind”  by Bel Esprit 

I describe this track as INDIE Rock’n’Roll.
If I borrow their own words; Bel Esprit are a 4-piece indie/alternative rock band based in Southampton, England. Bel Esprit bring the youthful energy of the noughties indie scene together with the artistry of Andy Warhol’s factory and the beat generation.
I would like to say this song is last year’s biggest find for me.
“Lose My Mind” is audio only on YouTube. The one on their own channel shows a fair amount of plays. There is also another upload which shows even more plays and their SoundCloud upload amazingly achieved over 80,000 plays. They have already secured a very strong fan-base in the South of England after supporting big names. Their popularity will spread allover for sure.


“Lies Aren’t Good Disguise” by Devil & Dust  

They are hugely influenced by rock music from ’80s to early ’90s. Devils & Dust create their own sound with their experience in music from the influences to produce something more current. Also the vocalist, Antonio sings with a characterised style with his unique voice. The music from Devil & Dust sounds fresh with these elements.
“Lies Aren’t Good Disguise” is the most edgy track by them. At the same time, they crafted this track to also make it catchy!
Devils & Dust are a new 5 piece rock band from Zadar, Croatia.
All their uploaded songs are sung in English.
This song has been on air worldwide in recent weeks. I would like their music to be heard by an even wider audience. I must say they are a band that I am eager to see in live.


“Light It Up” by One Last Secret

They create such a rich sound.
This is a big song. I was very interested to know about the band. I couldn’t find much, but just enough to know more music from the band, One Last Secret.
The quartet are based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. They call the genre of their music “Rock Pop Sexy”. They are not wrong!
Later on, I found out that “Light It Up” received outstanding reviews and went straight to No.1 in The Scottish New Music Charts when it was released. The song is definitely a great rock party tune. I can imagine the tune being played for many special events or TV shows. Also it will be exciting to hear the song in some music festivals.


You can find out more about them from the links below;

Bel Esprit
Twitter – @BelEspritUK

Devils & Dust
Twitter – @devils8dust

One Last Secret
Twitter – @onelastsecret




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