Reign Eternal – Pathways

Artist: Reign Eternal Single: Pathways Release Date: 3rd October 2016 Reign Eternal are a 5 piece young metalcore outfit based in Exeter, Devon in England. They formed as a band about two years ago. In June 2015, I was given the … Continue reading Reign Eternal – Pathways

Winter Playlist – 1

  Today I selected three songs which I heard on the radio in December. All songs were uploaded on YouTube sometime last year, but I didn’t know about the songs until recently. These are the songs which I knew straight away I would love as soon as the intro started.  I am very pleased to find them.   “Lose My Mind”  by Bel Esprit  I describe this track as INDIE Rock’n’Roll. If I borrow their own words; Bel Esprit are a 4-piece indie/alternative rock band based in Southampton, England. Bel Esprit bring the youthful energy of the noughties indie scene together with … Continue reading Winter Playlist – 1

Most Exciting Songs – January 2015

January 2015 Rock Singles I started 2015 with some very exciting new music that I’ve become completely obsessed with. All three songs I present below have music videos and were released earlier this month.   “Rise and Shine”  by utoXator Rock This blog featured utoXator in November.  It was just after I’d heard that they were planning to record new songs,  releasing an EP in early 2015 and touring around the same time. You can read it via this link; This song is a first single from their forthcoming EP “Songs from the City…Tales of our Sea”,  which will … Continue reading Most Exciting Songs – January 2015

One more song for 2014

Yesterday, I selected my top 3 songs of 2014. What did you think? There is one more song, which I honestly wanted to have in my top 3. The song is called “Blue Lights” by The Oceans Above. I think it’s rather special, I really feel the song. Their music video for the song is also interesting. It’s almost like watching a thriller TV drama. The Oceans Above – “Blue Lights” [LYRICS] I am your son don’t you leave me alone in this world father oh father Where have you been can’t believe whats happened you deserve to live its been … Continue reading One more song for 2014

2014 Top Songs

I enjoyed many songs by many artists this year. It is difficult to select my top 10. So I decided to select my top 3 songs, which made me very excited in 2014. My top 3 songs of 2014 are; 3. Recruits – Right Words 2. FORT HOPE – Plans 1. WAYWARD – If I had Words (Moving On) Hope you enjoyed the songs. Thank you for visiting my blog, and join me again in 2015. Wish you all a very happy New Year! Continue reading 2014 Top Songs

Sometimes, Even Heroes Need Saving

I have mentioned the song “Even Heroes Need Saving” before. But today I really like to post it again. This song is the best thing happened to me all this year. I must have listened to it probably more than 100 times since March. I just like everything about it. A part of this everything, my favourite drummer Dan Vinnicombe’s drumming is so cool. Though the best song to hear his drumming is the another song “Silver Medal”. I made myself not to listen to this song for 4 days, but I couldn’t keep away any longer, I got back … Continue reading Sometimes, Even Heroes Need Saving