Most Exciting Songs – January 2015

January 2015 Rock Singles

I started 2015 with some very exciting new music that I’ve become completely obsessed with. All three songs I present below have music videos and were released earlier this month.


“Rise and Shine”  by utoXator
This blog featured utoXator in November.  It was just after I’d heard that they were planning to record new songs,  releasing an EP in early 2015 and touring around the same time.
You can read it via this link;
This song is a first single from their forthcoming EP “Songs from the City…Tales of our Sea”,  which will be officially released on 21st of March 2015.
As the previous single “The Seas Will Rise”, this new single shows utoXator‘s talent and skills.  It is early to say this, but I have a feeling that “Rise and Shine” will be my favourite track of 2015.


“Send My Love” by The Soapbox Revolution
Rock / Pop Punk
I have selected their last single “Pick Your Poison” for Most Exciting 3 Songs from April to July 2014.  I categorized it as Alternative Rock to fit all 3 tracks in at the time.
You can see what 3 songs were via this link;
When I listened to the song for the first time,  I knew I had found a gem.
After a long wait,  The Soapbox Revolution finally released this new track “Send My Love”.  The music video for this song was uploaded onto YouTube on 15th January 2015.  Their total package of music is wonderful.


“Animals” (Maroon 5 Cover) by Concepts
Rock / Post-Hardcore
I had an issue for selecting this song by Concepts as it is not their original song. But I decided to select it.
There are only a few covers by some bands which I like. I don’t normally spend a large amount of time listening to covers.
This is the first time I have featured a cover in this blog.
I am afraid to say that I have only had a small time listening to the music from Concepts before.  The reason why I was interested to listen to this cover was definitely Jonny Amaya,  a brilliant drummer who played for Whether, I.
If you haven’t listened to the track yet,  I am sure Concepts will blow your mind.
Everything about this cover is so amazing.


I just realized that The Soapbox Revolution and Concepts are both based in Houston, Texas. Also it’s where some other great bands were born.  It seems to be a great place for music!


If you want to know more about them, you can visit the links below;

Twitter – @utoxator

Twitter – @SoapboxRevo

Twitter – @Concepts_Band




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