The Songs 2015 – Alternative Rock


Today I present you with three alternative rock songs.  I strongly felt from these songs I selected that the songwriters showed their skills and talent, the musicians performed and expressed themselves superbly, and gave something very special. As I mentioned, these three songs are all in alternative rock genre, but each one of them is different to each other. (Listed in alphabetical order of the song title)

“Drive” Evenu
Alt-Rock quartet from Exeter, England, Evenu are one of the bands that never fail to deliver. Their sound is solid and the vocals are distinctive and authentic. Evenu are the band I definitely most enjoyed through the year. I was lucky enough to attend their first ever London show for the “Drive” single release launch in November, and they didn’t disappoint me.  “Drive” is the latest single from their forthcoming EP.

“Every other time” Back To Verona
“With a massive powerful sound, Back to Verona are wielding rock anthems, with an alternative dark twist, to melt your mind and get your head banging along!” This is the description form Back To Verona‘s facebook page and is absolutely spot on!
It was almost by accident through their fellow musician, I heard this song “Every other time” just after they released as their debut single in late November. Back To Verona are a relatively new band from Sheffield, England, and one to watch.

“The Plans” Fort Hope
This song “The Plans”  was uploaded on YouTube and released as a single in November 2014, and included in their self-titled EP which was released in February 2015. So I was slightly concerned about including this track here. Though “The Plans” was enjoyed by large audiences mainly in 2015.
I have been listening to London based trio Fort Hope for a while. They produced great music over the past 3 years, but they have always been improving. Probably they are the best alternative rock recording and performing band today.


If you want to find out more about Evenu, Back To Verona and Fort Hope, click the links below;


Back To Verona

Fort Hope




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