Little Ghost – Versus


Album: Versus
Released: 14/09/15

It was probably early September that I had a chance to listen to the song called “Carpe Diem (Yourself)” by Little Ghost.  My first thought was… why did I not know this band before! As soon as I heard the intro, I  knew I was going to like the song. It is a song that stays in your head for a long time after you heard it, in a good way. They crafted this alternative indie track with superbly fresh sound. Shortly after, Little Ghost released their debut album “Versus”, which includes “Carpe Diem (Yourself)”.

Carpe Diem (Yourself) – You can listen to and watch the lyric video here;

Their band name Little Ghost sounded very appealing to me to find out their sound. It was the exciting moment when the album “Versus” finally landed on me.
“Tiny Little Flicker” opens with heavy guitar sounds with bass, which was not expected from hearing “Carpe Diem (Yourself)” earlier. Soon after drums join in, you hear the clear and strong vocal.  It gives a grunge feel. They also give a heavy sound with the second track “Shotgun Wedding”. The vocals show the singer’s capability, especially with falsetto.
The third track “Red Light” is more “Carpe Diem (Yourself)” type, it shows their excellent indie side.
“Versus” is a 11-track album. So I am not going to talk about each track. But I must mention the 9th track “Nightcrawlers”. I would say this is one of their heavier songs.  Though the high tone vocals and allegro tempo make a great foot tapping rock track.   The last track “The Finishing Touch” shows their most light sound, and is what I describe as alternative pop rock. It is a perfect track to close the album.
Through the album, the guitars take a great deal melodically and technically in their music along the distinctive vocals.

11 LG album


1. Tiny Little Flicker
2. Shotgun Wedding
3. Red Light
4. India
5. Battlefields
6. In Your Bed
7. Bloody Murder
8. Carpe Diem Yourself
9. Nightcrawlers
10. Ladies And Gentlemen
11. The Finishing Touch



You can listen to the full album via BandCamp;
Also you can listen to their songs on SoundCloud and YouTube if you prefer, as most of the songs from the album are uploaded on YouTube.

Little Ghost
formed in Shropshire, England in 2012. They consist of Louis Cooper-Hughes (guitar and vocals), Mickey Evans (guitar and vocals), Ryan O’Connor (bass) and Chris Greenhaigh (drums).

“Versus” was written between January 2010 ~ February 2015 and recorded at The Stuffett Inn Studios, The Barn and Chris’ Crib from November 2014 ~ August 2015. After their hard work and probably a lot of frustrations, “Versus” was finally released in September 2015. It seems that you have to dig hard to discover a band like Little Ghost, which is worth doing. And this album should be heard by wider audiences.  The album’s release coincided with a small UK tour with co-headliners City Of Ashes and A Mouth Full Of Matches, and has been received by fans and several independent critics so far .
I just wonder… is it only me who thinks their sound reminds the early Stereophonics?
Little Ghost assure you the quality in their music with “Versus”. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do.


If you want to know more about Little Ghost, check out the links below;
Official Web Site:

1 1 LG




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