Astral Void – Blood from a Stone


Astral Void are a 4 piece heavy rock band from Norwich, on the east coast of England. This Summer, Astral Void released their debut EP “Blood from a Stone”. They’ve brought a fresh and exciting sound with a traditional heavy rock feel. Perhaps it can be described as an elaborate mix of rock and grunge, if you like.



Blood from a Stone
1. B.F.F [Explicit]
2. B.F.F (Radio Edit)
3. Bleed
4. Blood from a Stone
5. Dust
6. Pain [Explicit]


The first track “B.F.F” is registered as an explicit song. Just in case, some people would get offended because of some of the lyrics used, but I think that you are okay with it. Both an Explicit and a Radio Edit versions are provided here. Catchy guitar riffs and soaring vocals are great enough to get attention. This is the track which represents Astral Void right now as well as being released as their first single.


Astral Void show their gentle side with the track “Bleed”. It begins with acoustic guitar, and you can hear their fantastic chorus later on. It nicely blends in to the EP, and is lovely to listen to.
The EP title track “Blood from a Stone” is their most melodic rock sound. Having this track, they are able to show you what they are capable of. And with this track, they are appealing to wider listeners.

The 5th track “Dust” shows another side of Astral Void. The tune is slightly slicker hard rock than their other songs. You would notice that the bass sound leads you through the track. Superbly written and arranged.


The last track “Pain” which is their most hard rock sound of all the EP, expresses the meaning of the “Pain” well.

“Blood from a Stone” was recorded at NRSIX studios by producer Justin Brand. The six track EP with its epic guitar riffs, gutsy vocals and raw sound is Astral Void‘s first finest creation. And I hope there is many more to come from them. Astral Void are definitely the one to watch in 2016.

The idea about Astral Void came when former covers band front-man Andy Martin began performing at local pubs doing solo electric/acoustic performances with his own original material. Wanting to take his ideas and put them into a band format, he began advertising on internet musician forums, where he eventually found a lead guitarist, Chris Gedge.
After jamming and creating riffs for sometime, the two came across a bassist Nathan Redgrave and a drummer Liam Ramsker. Both were ideal candidates for the band Andy and Chris had in their minds, and Nathan and Liam were both able to add their own unique styles to the band. With their hard work and dedication, now Astral Void bring you their debut EP “Blood from a Stone”.
With their talent and contribution to their music, Astral Void signed to a London based indie label Holier Than Thou Records.

Astral Void are known for their energetic and lively shows. I have not been to their live shows, but I believe they are ones that we should go and enjoy when they play near us.

1 1 AV live


To find out more about Astral Void, click the links below;




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