Now We Rise – Youre My #1 Fan


Today, I’m sharing the music from a relatively new rock band Now We Rise that I came across recently.
They are a three piece band from Baltimore, MD in USA. I don’t think that you can put their music in a particular genre. Their sound is different but with a slight 90s flavor.

Currently two songs by Now We Rise are available for free streaming.
“Youre My #1 Fan” was officially released in July 2015 as the band’s debut. It is a fun track, kind of pop punk, but heavier than what you expect from ordinary pop punk. Also you don’t hear the typical pop punk drums from them. The guitars lead you all the way through the song with some catchy riffs. The vocals are distinctive. And the words are clear, which is great for learning a sing-along.
Check “Youre My #1 Fan” out here;


Another song “Beyond Where We Are” was released 2 months ago. This song is totally different to the first song “Youre My #1 Fan”. It is a big song, which is a slow ballad with lovely piano and acoustic guitar sounds in some parts, and orchestra-like sounds later on give the tune depth. You notice the superb wide vocal range.
You can listen to epic “Beyond Where We Are” here;


You can listen to these two songs on YouTube too, if you prefer. There is an unreleased self-titled song by Now We Rise. It is a quite complicated tune, lot’s of things are going on. I would say it was composed and produced in a more theatrical way than other tracks. You will find out the song when it’s available or on air next time. They are writing more new music at the moment. Interesting what they are going to bring to us.

Now We Rise describe their sound as “Rock music that sticks to your brain!”
They are not wrong about the description. Their unique sound stays with you from the first time you listen to.
Now We Rise are comprised of Aaron Forrest:guitars/vocals, Brent Rader:bass/vocals and Pat Curtis:drums. I heard that they deliver an energy packed live show and sound that will leave you captivated and wanting much more. So if they play near you, try to catch them!

1 1 NWR 2


If you want to know more about Now We Rise, click the links below to find out!
Twitter: @NowWeRiseBand

1 1 NWR 3




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