The Songs 2015 – ROCK


Today’s  “The Songs 2015” is focused on heavy rock and metal sounds. I selected three relatively new British bands, and each sound is different to each other.


“Tell Me” – One Last Run
One Last Run are a 5 piece, hard rock band from Warrington, England. They are a non compromising, ballsy rock band that combine driving riffs. What I must mention is the lead vocalist, Becky. She is gifted with a quality and powerful voice. This song is very emotional and strong.


“Fighting Blind” (Feat. Matt Stuart) – Reign Eternal
This is the second single from Reign Eternal, a new metalcore band from Exeter, England. I introduced them here in June when they released their debut single “Bloodwater”.  This track “Finding Blind” is very solid. The build up of the intro gives you a potent feeling of something powerful. “Finding Blind” is included in their debut EP  “Premonitions” which was released early December.  


V / V E G A – ‘Wanderer’
V/VEGA are an ambient/melodic metalcore/alternative band from outskirts of London. They are pushing the boundaries of modern alternative music. This “Wanderer” is the first track being released from their hugely anticipated new EP “Leaving Lyra”. Their heavy gorgeous sound is crafted tastefully.


If you want to find out more about One Last Run, Reign Eternal and V/VEGA, click the links below;

One Last Run

Reign Eternal

V / V E G A




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