USA POP-PUNK : Young At Heart -prologue



I was not actually prepared today. So I am writing this post as a prologue. I do not know what, but something strongly made me to decide writing this post.

I have been listening to the self-titled EP by Young At Heart continuously since I received the CD a few days ago. I give 10 out of 10 pop-punk to this EP.
I quoted in UK POP-PUNK posts;
* Diamond Days create the text book POP PUNK sound as a complete band.
* White Clouds & Gunfire‘s debut album ‘For All The Non Believers’ is a pop-punk masterpiece.
Now I say US of A’s Young At Heart are the power of pop-punk. I am going to talk about this next time.

There is a song called “If Daryl Dies, We Riot” in the EP. The song gives me a very special feeling.

Here, you can listen to the track;


I will be back with more about Young At Heart soon!

These are useful links;
Twitter – @youngatheartpa
Facebook –


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