Alternative Rock Single 2015 

I have selected 3 Alternative rock tracks, which all have music videos.

They have all been released recently, and I’m listening to them more than several times a day at the moment. Also I have limited my selection within homegrown bands.
In no particular order, I present them to you.

“Vintage Years” by The Novelty
This blog featured the bass player Ellie Brown of The Novelty in the post “GirlPower-2” in October. Since then, they have been working hard behind closed doors to produce the track “Vintage Year”. Their ability for songwriting is excellent, there is no doubt about it. I believe that Joe, one of the guitarists, with Jake, also a guitarist, input a large amount of their talent into their music. This time they achieved more than they did on their debut EP “ONE”, which was released in June 2014. This is their best song so far. Also the voice of the lead singer Marc has improved extensively. I don’t often use the word “epic”, but their sound is epic! In regard to their live performance, I can say that you would enjoy it more than just listening to their recorded songs.

“Colours” by Last Horizon
Last Horizon is a band from Cheshire, England. Since their music was introduced to me about a year ago, I have been quietly following the band on social media. I can say that they are taking step by step and growing to become a band who you might see on bigger stage. I think this song along with the music video is evidence of their achievement. I am expecting a lot more from them this year.

“Forgive Me” by Never Hill
Never Hill is the band formerly known as The Oceans Above. They are a quartet from Warwickshire, England – an area where some noticeably good bands were born.
I mentioned their previous single “Blue Lights” in the post “One More Song for 2014” last week. “Blue Lights” gave me such an impact. Their song “I’m Gone”, which was released just over a year ago showcases their musical style. If you haven’t listened to these two songs, I also recommend you to listen to “Forgive Me”.


If you want to know more about them, you can visit the links below;
The Novelty
Twitter – @TheNoveltyUK
Facebook –
Last Horizon
Twitter – @LastHorizonUK
Facebook –
Never Hill
Twitter – @NeverHillBand
Facebook –


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