New Release – Le Masque “Spiral”

New Release – January 2015

Le Masque – “Spiral” EP
1) Spiral
2) Time Goes By
3) That’s All Over

Release expected on 27 January 2015

Recently I discovered the music by Le Masque, which is in Alternative pop/rock genre.
Le Masque is a solo project of  multi-talented musician, composer and producer, Gaetano Serra . His artistic talent probably come from his French/Italian origin.

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Gaetano Serra talked about himself and Le Masque; he always loved writing songs as a balance between the more “serious” music for film and art. This EP is going to be the first official release with Le Masque. He wrote the songs in his studio, and occasionally asked for help from the drummer, James Hare, who is also a friend of his, to play the parts he wrote on midi drums. James Hare is from the studio next to his own studio. So it is a most convenient situation!
Gaetano’s influences for this EP range from the German Krautrock of CAN on “Spiral” to the late 60’s psychedelic pop, Velvet Underground, late Beatles, early Pink Floyd and Bowie.

He also creates music for short films and art installations, and works as a producer at his studio in Bethnal Green, London, where some musicians have recorded their music.

Here, I present the music video for the album title track “Spiral”. The video is very artistically crafted by himself.
The music and the visual art together for this song, it gives me the feel of Jim Morrison in a David Lynch film. You might find my quote slightly odd, but this is what I feel. By the way, there is no spookiness in a bad way.

You can also listen to the two tracks from his forthcoming EP “Spiral” on SoundCloud.


Le Masque is surprising, hard to pin down, sexy and sharp. – Le Masque
If you listen through the EP, you will feel all these words somewhere along the songs.
EP “Spiral” is going to be released on Tuesday 27th January 2015 and be available on BandCamp. In 2015, watch out for Le Masque!

You can find out more about Le Masque from the links below;
Twitter –!/LeMasqueMusic
Facebook –
YouTube –


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