SIAMESE release “Home” (new single)

Single: Home (ft. Drew York)
Release: 25.09.20

The Danish melodic metalcore group from Copenhagen, SIAMESE, emerges with a wonderful ode to hometowns everywhere with their latest single Home. With how 2020 has played out, it is presumed that most people have developed a love-hate relationship with their homes, but SIAMESE is here to remind us that there is no place like home.

Featuring Stray From The Path frontman Drew York, which brings in a different degree of intensity wherever he shows up, Home is both beautiful and exciting and everything in between.

The song starts off with synths pumping the rhythm of the song to fruition and laying the ground-work for the high octane experience. Immediately going into an intense verse that builds up to a chanting hook that gets fists punching the sky.

The chorus serenades us and our bonds with our roots, with a fantastic hook delivered exquisitely by the angelic soaring vocal style of frontman Mirza. Undeniably an earworm, it invokes feelings of comfort and nostalgia, putting it on a whole nother level of enjoyment and regard for future listening.

I love this song. SIAMESE has done a great job capturing the essence of their message, in an all-round super enjoyable song that I can only see featuring on many of my playlists from here on.

 –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

SIAMESE have also announced the UK Tour in February 2021. Let’s hope everything goes well by the time comes.

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