Today I am shearing the music from Noiiises.
Noiiises are an upcoming POST FUTURE-DUBS band from Coventry, England. They boast a strong mix of synthesized keyboards and bass, acoustic drums with an electronic twist, catchy guitar riffs, interesting vocal effects and strong melodies.

Here is their new track “JVTA / I’d Like To Love You”, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Like the impression you get from these three words; POST FUTURE-DUBS, the sound Noiiises create is quite new. It’s similar to Future-Dubs, but something newer than that.
Their last single “Le Future” was released in January this year after uploading 3 tracks which seems like a mini EP last year. “Le Future” is probably their most meaningful and important track. You can listen and watch the studio live video below.


Noiiises are directed by a passionate singer/songwriter Ludovic Merkelbach from Switzerland. Ludovic moved to Coventry, England, 3 years ago to study music. I find Noiiises‘ music is snazzy… is that because of Ludovic’s origin?
His band-mates are all from the home country UK.

Noi 3

Noiiises are;
Ludovic Merkelbach – Vocals (Switzerland)
Jon Lake -Synth/Keyboards/Production (UK)
James Nicholson – Guitar (UK)
Sarah Ransley – Bass/Synth (UK)
Sam Jones – Drums/SPD-S (UK)





Noiiises plan to record their first professional EP in a studio near future.
They believe that the music industry is more about money than the music itself. Their dream is to break through this, to write songs about life as it is, and this is what pushes them forward to pursue this dream.

They are performing live actively. Hope you can catch them when they come near you!

Noi 4


You can find out more about Noiiises using the links below;

Twitter: @Noiiises




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