New Release – Recruits


EP: “We Are Recruits” by Recruits

Released: 21 March 2015
1 R1



* Right Words
* Disappear
* I Don’t Wanna Know
* Broken
* Remember You


Recruits have been featured in this blog a few times before about their first single “Right Words”. This song was uploaded on YouTube and released via iTunes in May 2014. Often the lyrics are as important as the melodies and you cannot ignore the lyrics of this song.  I have copy and pasted the lyrics of “Right Words” to the bottom of this page.
Since I listened to “Right Words”, I always looked forward to being able to hear more from them. During the time they were preparing to step forward, they had to face a member change. Their second single “Broken” was finally presented at the end of December.
Their songs have been played by numerous radio stations, including BBC, and they have performed live on BBC Introducing. It was about time for them to release the debut EP, and equally for the fans to hear the complete EP.
They have just released the debut EP “We Are Recruits”, which contains 5 tracks including the second single “Broken” as well as “Right Words”. Luckily they have uploaded the EP onto SoundCloud and YouTube, available for streaming, so we can listen to the songs for free. To me, as soon as you listen to the five songs on their debut EP, you feel a deep connection with them.


Last Saturday, Recruits had their first headline gig in London as a part of the EP launch campaign. I feel very proud to have witnessed this live. Though they had some issues with the equipment, their performance was excellent. The vocal was authentic, the guitars cried and gave enjoyable riffs, the bass was foot-tapping and the drums were powerful and played with quality.
They performed all the songs from the EP as well as new songs, but they gave me the feeling that I wanted to hear more!
I would love to see them grow to become an even greater band and I am sure I will.

111 R3

Recruits are a young alternative rock band from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire in England. They are also the winners of “Rock Open 2014”.

111 R1


Steve Dean Smith – Vocals
Ben Yarrow – Lead Guitar
Eddie Vessey – Rhythm Guitar
Steve Heather – Bass Guitar
Jonno Smith – Drums






The debut EP “We Are Recruits” is out now on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody and Google Play, and the physical copies are available from their merch store. Also it is available for streaming on Spotify.

If you like to know more about Recruits, click the links here;
Twitter: @WeAreRecruits
Instagram: @RecruitsUK


“Right Words”
Broken, hurt by the words you spoke
When you woke you arose
Get up, ‘coz we’re so tired of giving,
Giving up
If I left it down to you
Not one but a few
All the things that you say
All the things that you do
And I laid my body on the line
Nothing to save me or what is mine
Looking for the right words to say
Searching for forever but there’s no way
Looking out for the ones who reach you
The ones who teach you
The ones who reach you
Follow, follow me out this hole we’re in, follow me all the way
Hold on, don’t fear
The emotions are fiction rewind the tears
Hold nothing but pride
Follow me to the place
Love lives inside
Looking for the right words to say
Searching for forever but there’s no way
Looking out for the ones who reach you
The ones who teach you
The ones who reach you

c. All rights reserved : Recruits


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